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ZETA Division Will Not Be Participating in Valorant Champions Tour APAC LCQ

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ZETA Division has pulled out of the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) APAC LCQ event because of planned team restructuring.
Chinese teams will also not be participating in the upcoming event due to networking issues which could affect the competitive integrity of the VCT.
The event will be restructured and Riot Games will be announcing updated brackets prior to the event's commencement.

The Valorant Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) is set to kick off on 11th October but Riot Games just announced last minute changes to the format for the upcoming event. Japanese team ZETA Division will be pulling out of the event due to logistical issues. According to a report by PR Times, Chinese teams are also pulling out of the event due to “ping concerns” (latency issues) which would affect the competitive integrity of the upcoming event. The format of the upcoming APAC LCQ event has been restructured by Riot Games due to the last-minute announcement.

ZETA Division provided a press release stating that the organization seeks to restructure its Valorant roster, in a bid to perform better in international events. The organization is making preparations for the 2022 VCT season and it might be making major changes to its roster.

Updated Valorant Champions Tour APAC LCQ Format

The online-only APAC LCQ will continue to see 10 teams, now from 4 regions, compete for a single spot at Champions. The new LCQ team allocations are as follows:

Southeast Asia - 3

Korea - 3

Japan - 3

South Asia – 1

Teams will be awarded slots based on VCT circuit points. Only teams that have not already qualified for the Valorant Champions will be eligible for the APAC LCQ. Slots will also be allocated in regions where circuit points were not awarded. These regions will have their own events (like the Valorant Conquerors Championship for South Asia) to allocate its participants.

The top seeded teams from Southeast Asia, South Asia, Korea and Japan will be seeded into the second round with the rule that Southeast Asian teams cannot be matched with each other in the initial rounds. The remaining teams will be randomly seeded for the first round.

Teams will fight through a double elimination bracket with a best-of-three format at each stage between 11th to 16th October, before culminating in the Grand Finals which will be in a best-of-five format on 17th October. The winners will head straight to Valorant Champions and represent the APAC region.

Valorant Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier Schedule

The APAC Last Chance Qualifier will kick off on 11th October with broadcasts commencing from 3 PM GMT +8 for initial rounds and 5 PM GMT +8 for semi-finals and finals. Players can check out the full schedule at

There are English and local language broadcasts for participating regions.

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