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Global Esports' Valorant Roster Plans to Compete in APAC LCQ From Thailand

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Global Esports (GE) co-founder and CEO Rushindra “Salbatic” Sinha revealed in a video that the Valorant roster will be competing in the upcoming APAC LCQ from Thailand.
The organization is looking to crowdfund through the sale of merchandise to support the bootcamp in Thailand.
If GE wins the APAC LCQ event, it will be heading to Valorant Champions later this year.

Global Esports co-founder and CEO Rushindra “Salbatic” Sinha announced in a video that the GE Valorant roster will be competing in the Valorant Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) from Thailand. The organization wants the team to compete with the lowest latency possible to ensure players have an even footing when competing against international teams. The team won the Valorant Conquerors Championship earlier this year and qualified for the APAC LCQ event which will be hosted from 11th October 2021 to 17th October 2021.

GE Will be crowdfunding to support the Valorant team’s bootcamp in Thailand

Sinha talked about how difficult it can be to operate an esports organization with the government deducting 32% in taxes whenever an esports team earns prize money, before it is distributed among players and an organization. Sinha feels that owning an esports organization is a “loss making venture” as the prize money earned does not make up for the amount of money that is invested into the players, facilities and more. He claimed that some tournament organizers have not paid prize money to Global Esports for events that the team has participated in from 2017-2019.

He said that he does not want to go the route of accepting a sponsorship as it involves players in marketing and promoting brands, and he wants his players to focus on the upcoming event instead. This is why the GE CEO is organizing a crowdfunding session to sell t-shirts, jerseys and other merchandise this weekend. The revenue would be then used to support the team’s trip to Thailand. The merchandise will be available via the official GE store.

He believes that the difference between players at Global Esports and its competitors at the international stage is not much, and playing from India would lead to ping issues (latency). This is why the team wishes to take the Global Esports roster to Thailand to be able to play at a lower ping.

If Global Esports wins the upcoming APAC LCQ event, the team will be the first Indian team to qualify for Valorant Champions. The team would then get the opportunity to compete against the likes of 100 Thieves, Sentinels, Envy and Vision Strikers. The LCQ tournament will take place from 11th to 17th October and additional details on the format will be revealed closer to the date. The other teams that have qualified for the APAC LCQ include BOOM Esports, REJECT and FULL SENSE.

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