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ZETA Division Keeps Valorant Champions Dreams Alive Against BOOM Esports

Abhimannu Das
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ZETA Division will have its rematch against LOUD later this week for the final qualifier spot in Group B.
BOOM Esports started off strong against ZETA Division with a 13-11 victory but it could not maintain its momentum.
Kouji “Laz” Ushida ended the night with a staggering 65 kills against BOOM Esports.

ZETA Division faced a relentless BOOM Esports and earned a 2-1 victory to keep its Valorant Champions run alive. ZETA made its way from the Japanese Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) circuit and it wanted to prove itself on the global stage but it faltered during its first game against LOUD. After securing a win against BOOM, ZETA will now have to head into a rematch against LOUD if it wants to secure the final spot in Group B. BOOM Esports’ Valorant Champions debut has come to an end and the team will be heading home after two consecutive losses.

ZETA Division vs BOOM Esports Recap

BOOM Esports started off strong against ZETA Division with a 13-11 victory on Haven. Despite trailing 4-8 in the first half, the team managed to claw its way back into the game and demolish ZETA Division with a 9-3 second half.

Pearl, which is the newest map in Valorant proved to be a challenge for BOOM Esports as the team struggled against ZETA for most of the game. BOOM trailed 4-8 in the first half and looked to make a comeback but despite the heroics of BOOM’s Saibani “fl1pzjder” Rahmad, the team could not secure a win.

The third and final matchup of the night was a stroll in the park for ZETA Division. The team secured 10-2 in the first-half on Fracture and closed things off with a 3-0 second half. ZETA Division has now made its way to the qualifier game against LOUD which will take place later this week.

Fl1pzjder gave it his all in last night’s matchup with 52 kills on the board but Kouji “Laz” Ushida proved to be too big of a threat to BOOM. Laz ended the night with 65 kills and BOOM simply could not answer the player’s aggressive plays.

APAC’s chances of securing the world championship are slimming

XERXIA, Paper Rex and BOOM Esports were the three Asia Pacific (APAC) teams that qualified for Valorant Champions this year. BOOM Esports is already out of the competition and Paper Rex is fighting for survival. If Paper Rex does not win against Team Liquid in the decider match for Group A, it will be out of the event.

XERXIA is also on the brink of elimination after losing its opening match against XSET. KRU Esports and XERXIA will head into an elimination match tonight which XERXIA will need to win to keep its hopes alive.

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