Valorant Player Uses Program to Find Perfect Crosshair Colors for Every Map

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A Python program was used to identify the optimal Valorant crosshair colors for all maps except Split.
Players can set custom colors via the in-game settings using Hex codes.
The program is just a fun little experiment and it is by no means definitive.

Valorant Patch 5.04 added the ability to customize crosshair colors which is one of the best quality of life changes ever added to the game. A Valorant community member decided to take customization to the next level by creating a program that identifies what the best crosshair colors are for each map. Reddit user “useewhynot” created a Python program that analyzed matches from custom games to determine the perfect colors for each of the maps and here are the results.

“Optimal” Valorant crosshair colors for every map

  • Overall: #00b5ff

  • Ascent: #00e0ff

  • Bind: #00a1ff

  • Breeze: #00ffdf

  • Fracture: #005bff

  • Haven: #0078ff

  • Icebox: #2aff00

  • Pearl: #ff1d00

The player admitted that they may or may not have been too lazy to collect data for Split. For the other maps, you can use the hex codes mentioned above to set your custom crosshair colors. If you don’t know how to do so, here’s a brief explanation of the process:

  1. Go to Settings > Crosshair > Primary, Aim Down Sights, or Sniper Scope

  2. On the drop-down menu for Color, select Custom and input the Hex Code (6-digit RGB) value of desired color

  3. If a non-Hex code is entered, the crosshair will revert to the previous color.

If you want to customize and set your own color instead of using any of the recommended colors above, here’s what you can do:

  1. Head to:

  2. Choose a color that you want

  3. Check the Hex code at the top of the page

  4. Use the Hex code in-game to get the same color for your crosshair

Blue and Cyan are the most popular options for crosshair colors and Icebox and Pearl are the only maps that did not get the two colors as the optimal options.The thread details how the program was created and if you want to read the thoughts of the person who made the program, you can check out the original Reddit thread.

Crosshairs should be used based on personal preferences and if you think that the colors you are using are optimal, you should stick to them. The program was meant to be a fun little experiment and it is by no means definitive.

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