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Yuvin Valorant Invitational Grand Finals Preview: Team XO Clashes with Team Valor

Abhimannu Das
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Yuvin Valorant Invitational is set to conclude with Team XO and Team Valor set to compete at the grand finals.
Below is a brief recap of either team's journeys so far and a preview of the Grand Finals.
The event will conclude with a best-of-five series between both teams for a first-place prize of INR 50,000 ($684 USD), which will be broadcast live on the official Yuvin Esports YouTube channel.

The Yuvin Valorant Invitational is underway with Team XO and Team Valor heading into the grand finals. The match will take place today at 7 PM IST (1.30 PM GMT). Both teams will be competing for INR 50,000 ($684 USD) as first prize. In addition to the grand finals, the third-place finals will also take place today with Enigma Gaming and Cohesion competing against each other for INR 15,000 ($205 USD). The event is being hosted as a result of a partnership between Tata Motors and Yuvin Esports Pvt. Ltd. This is the first time that Tata Motors is investing into Indian esports. Players can catch the grand finals and third-place matches live on the official Yuvin Esports YouTube channel.

Yuvin Valorant Invitational: Team XO vs Team Valor preview

The Yuvin Valorant Invitational commenced on 2nd September, with the earlier stages of the event featuring single-elimination brackets.

Team XO's run so far

ForceOne X LegStump Esports was one of the first teams to be knocked out of the event after the team failed to secure a single map against grand finalists Team XO.

Despite Enigma Gaming starting off strong against True Rippers, the team failed to qualify for the finals following a one-sided 0-2 loss against Team XO in the penultimate stage.

Team XO continue to prove that they're one of the strongest lineups out there with some emaculate play and tactics proving to be too much for the opponents that they've played so far. Excali has proven to be a major threat in the event, with the Team XO player earning the NRGetic Player of the Match award against Enigma Gaming at the semifinals.

Team Valor's road to the finals

Team Valor has a clean run so far with back to back victories against T69 and Cohesion. The team has been fairly dominant across all four maps that they've played so far and were never really in danger of dropping a game in either of the two series they've played so far, setting up a mouthwatering clash against Team XO in the process.

Huntr from Team Valor has earned an NRGetic Player of the Match as well and it will be interesting to see how he matches up against powerhouse players excali and psy tonight.

Considering the relatively similar runs that either team has had so far, the Grand Finals is expected to be a close affair with either team trading blows against each other.

The grand finals will see both teams go head-to-head in a best-of-five series with the winner taking home bragging rights and the first-place prize of INR 50,000 ($684). The total prize pool of the event is set at INR 1,00,000 ($1,350 USD) which will be distributed among the top three teams competing in the event.

Yuvin Valorant Invitational: Where to watch

If you want to catch the grand finals live, you can head to the official Yuvin Esports YouTube channel. Livestreams will be available in both Hindi and English at 7 PM IST (1.30 PM GMT).

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/YuvinEsports


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