One of the Twitch's top streamers xQc recently revealed his ChatGPT conversations on stream.


xQc Denies Claims of Moving to Kick After ChatGPT Conversations Surface

Nutan Lele
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One of the Twitch's top streamers xQc recently revealed his ChatGPT conversations on stream.
The streamer allegedly asking the AI bot questions about how to announce his switch.
xQc denied writing the chat prompts.

Kick, the new streaming platform, is certainly making waves with a few high profile streamers moving from Twitch and a few others, like Dr Disrespect and xQc, rumored to be on the way. Kick’s attractive 95/5 revenue split and lax regulations have caught the eye of some top streamers on rival platforms and Kick co-owner Trainwreck is building the hype claiming the next ‘6 signings’, will have other platforms ‘shook’. In a previous livestream, top content creator xQc talked about other streamers moving to Kick but said he is not heading anywhere anytime soon. However, his leaked ChatGPT history paints a different picture. 

xQc denies moving to Kick after ChatGPT leaks

On 10th May, 2023, xQc opened up ChatGPT to reveal a conversation titled, ‘Moving to Kick’. One of the chat prompts stated, “I am the world’s biggest Twitch streamer and I have signed with a new platform, Kick. What is the best way for me to announce my new contract to my viewers? I have been on Twitch my entire career”. The AI bot presented some ideas to which the next prompt asked, “what about gambling? I had a big controversy on twitch,” and “im gonna be gambling on Kick, how do i handle this situation”. However, xQc denied writing these prompts, saying he “I wasn’t even at the computer”, and that he had been pranked. He continued, “That’s just troll bro.

It is unclear if this is a prank by xQc or someone close to him since he has a ‘shared account’. Currently, there’s no official announcement he’ll be ditching Twitch for Kick, but if he does, it would undoubtedly be a huge win for Kick streaming. 

While streamers like Adin Ross, Destiny and Buddha have made their way to the new platform, others like Amouranth remain skeptical saying, “I would give it a try for a certain amount of money”, but the streamer would “not go exclusive” because “at least right now, the reputation is risky.” With Kick trying to sustain the hype around the platform, concerns about view botting on the platform have also emerged. It remains to be seen which the other top names actually make the switch, however, many are speculating the likes of Yassuo, IShowSpeed and Dr Disrespect to join the Kick club.

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