Wrath Explains His Recent Streaming Hiatus

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In a recent livestream, Hydra Esports’ content creator Yashwant “Wrath” Patel explained that he was absent from social media and content creation because his father was hospitalized and he had to look after his family.
Wrath stated that he did not leave Hydra Esports, and it isn’t his decision to make.
Lastly, Wrath stated that he talked with a few members of Hydra Esports.

Hydra Esports’ popular content creator, Yashwant “Wrath” Patel, addressed his prolonged absence from social media and content creation and concerns from his fans and apologized for his inactivity. He explained that his father’s illness and hospitalization were the reason behind his lack of communication. When asked if he had left Hydra Esports, Wrath denied the rumors and said it was not his decision. He also revealed that he had already talked with Hydra Esports members and was in regular communication.

Wrath explains his absence from social media and content creation

Hydra Esports’ founder, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, previously announced that the organization’s popular content creator, Wrath, would soon be kicked from the clan. Dynamo stated that Wrath has not been in contact with anyone from the organization and has completely disappeared, leaving the organization with no choice but to remove him. 

Recently, after a hiatus of over three months, Wrath resumed his presence on his YouTube channel with a live broadcast. During this broadcast, he addressed inquiries from his viewers regarding his prolonged absence from all social media platforms and apologized to his fans for his unavailability. “I am so sorry. I was inactive for a long time, since before Diwali. I wasn’t able to communicate with anyone,” he said. 

Subsequently, a viewer posed a question regarding Wrath's departure from Hydra Esports. Wrath repudiated this notion and provided an explanation for his absence. “I have not left Hydra. At that time, I could not create any content or come live. My dad was ill and admitted to the hospital, and I was looking after the family,” he said.

When asked why he left Hydra Esports, Wrath explained that he did not leave Hydra Esports by himself. However, he implied that he had not left Hydra yet. “I did not leave Hydra Esports. If Dynamo feels that I did not go live for a long time or could not create content, then it is his wish (to remove Wrath from Hydra Esports). I cannot force someone to let me stay,” he said. 

Another viewer asked Wrath to contact Hydra Esports members to explain his absence to them. Responding to this, Wrath revealed that he had already talked with Hrishav, as well as Dynamo. Further, he explained that he regularly talked with all members. “I talked with them. I talked with Hrishav on New Year. He asked me where I was, and I told him I was in Orissa. I told him I was busy with my family and what was going on. I was driving at that time, so I could not talk much with him,” he said.

Another viewer told him to call Dynamo on the livestream. He replied, “I even talked with Dynamo. They are added to my WhatsApp, and we talk regularly.”

Wrath resumed his livestreaming schedule on 7th February and has livestreamed for two consecutive days. He has also resumed playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

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