Wrath Likely to be Removed From Hydra Esports


Wrath Likely to be Removed From Hydra Esports

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In a recent livestream, Hydra Esports’ founder, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, revealed that the organization’s popular content creator Yashwant “Wrath” Patel had been completely out of reach.
Dynamo expressed that Wrath will soon be kicked from the clan as a result.

Popular Indian organization Hydra Esports’ founder, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant, recently announced that the organization’s popular content creator Yashwant “Wrath” Patel would soon be kicked from the clan. Dynamo stated that Wrath has not been in contact with anyone from the organization and has completely disappeared, leaving the organization with no choice but to remove him. Dynamo also confirmed that Wrath would be the first member to be removed from the organization.

Dynamo states that Wrath has been out of reach for a while

Before Wrath’s disappearance, he was one of the most consistent content creators of Hydra Esports, with over 180k subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 62.1k followers on Loco. However, his last stream on YouTube and Loco was over three months ago. Likewise, his last post on his Instagram handle was also almost three months ago.

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Dynamo to play with Wrath and a few other members of Hydra Esports. Responding to this, Dynamo stated that Wrath had completely disappeared and was out of reach. “He is not picking up anyone’s calls, not replying to anyone, not messaging anyone - nothing. He is completely out of contact,” he added. Following this, Dynamo stated that Hydra Esports would probably remove him from the organization. “Most probably, we will kick him out of the clan very soon. He is totally absent from everywhere, totally disappeared,” he said

Dynamo further expressed that he tried contacting wraith, but he is not responding to anyone from Hydra Esports. “I tried to contact him to find out about his whereabouts, what’s going on in his life, and what’s happening, but he is not replying. He’s not picking up calls or messaging - not just mine, but everyone’s,” he said. Following this, Dynamo confirmed that Wrath would be kicked from Hydra Esports and would be the first person to exit the organization. “The first person to leave Hydra will probably be Wrath. Not probably - it is confirmed. Wrath is out of the clan,” Dynamo said.

Hydra Esports is a well-established organization in the gaming community that is dedicated to supporting and promoting content creators. Dynamo recently announced that Hydra Esports would be signing more content creators to the organization. The organization plans to overhaul its content creation division and step up its game. The new members will bring fresh perspectives and diverse content, further establishing the clan as a top-notch organization in the gaming community.

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