All members of DRX's Worlds 2022 roster are now free agents.


Worlds 2022 Champions DRX Are Now All Free Agents

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All the members of DRX's Worlds 2022 roster are now free agents.
The organization also announced Head Coach Ssong, and coaches Mowgli and Shine are now free agents.

Just weeks after DRX beat T1 3-2 to win Worlds 2022, the organization announced that all five members of the roster are now free agents. DRX took to Twitter to announce that contracts with Hwang "Kingen" Sung-hoon, Hong "Pyosik" Chang-hyun, Kim "Zeka" Geon-woo, Kim "Deft" Hyeok-gyu and Jo "BeryL" Geon-hee have expired.

Along with the five-player Worlds winning squad, the coaching staff comprising Head Coach Kim "Ssong" Sang-su and coaches Lee "Mowgli" Jae-ha, and Shin "Shine" Dong-wook have also become free agents.

DRX still hopes to retain part of the Worlds 2022 squad

DRX still hopes to renew contracts with the players. In a tweet following the announcement, the organization said it “will communicate with them to try to renew their contracts.” According to InvenGlobal, reports suggest that DRX is hoping to resign their star ADC (Attack Damage Carry) Deft while top player Kingen and mid-laner Zeka “backed out last minute to see their market value.”

DRX thanked the players saying it “sincerely appreciates the five players being on the team’s most brilliant journey” and it looks to “write an even more shining story with the best players next year.” 

The organization also thanked Head Coach Ssong and coaches Mowgli and Shine saying “DRX will remember their hard work which led the team to the top. DRX sincerely appreciates their contribution and wishes them all the best in their future.” It is unclear if DRX is pursuing their coaching staff to renew contracts with them for the coming season.

The team had what many term as a cinderella run this year. As the fourth seed from the LCK (League of Legends Korea), DRX was widely considered the underdog. However, the team fought its way to the top through the many stages of Words, topping Play-In Group and Group C during the Group Stage. In the Knockout Stage, DRX beat defending Worlds champions EDward Gaming and LCK Spring runner-up and Summer champions Gen.G Esports to eventually beat fan favorite T1 and hoist the Summoner’s Cup.

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