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Why We Are So Excited About Guinsoo's New MOBA: Fangs

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Fangs by Hidden Leaf Games is a MOBA that promises unique gameplay opportunities to players.
Fangs will be a 4v4 action hero brawler that will soon be available for play on PC.

Fangs officially debuted its gameplay trailer and although we're quite excited, we certainly aren't surprised that it promises to be a game-changer in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) industry. Steve “Guinsoo” Feak is one of the biggest names in the MOBA industry, playing a pivotal role in introducing, and spearheading the success of the genre through Dota: Allstars, and then perfecting it with League of Legends.

Now that he announced his association with Hidden Leaf Games’ Fangs and its gameplay trailer showed plenty of promise, it certainly has managed to capture our attention.

Hidden Leaf Games, in a release, confidently asserted, “Our mission is to augment best-in-class MOBA combat through strategic decision-making. We want to empower players to express their style with a fast-paced hero brawler that rewards adaptability and precise skill.” Fangs vouches for the fast pace of the game, which allows players to dive straight into the game without hassle. It also brings to the table plenty of new mechanics that will rewrite the MOBA genre.

Customization For Heroes

Hidden Leaf Games stated that the game has a diverse hero roster, and an in-depth customization system. In essence, Fangs will allow players to change “augments” each round so that they can change their playstyle to match any team comp challenges. The developer explained, “So, you like being the pyromaniac and blowing things up, but the team needs a healer? No problem, equip your augments and make your explosions now heal your teammates!

Changing the role of your hero mid-game will be a definite game-changer, a concept that is relatively new to MOBAs.

Jump Straight Into the Action

Fangs is a 4v4 ever-evolving MOBA that focuses on hero-specific strategies. Additionally, the developer vouched that the game will immediately let players pounce into battle mode, instead of playing long matches. Hidden Leaf Games stated, “We know the pain of overly long, drawn-out matches, so we want our players to be able to go straight to the action. Being able to change on the go, and quickly assess situations are paramount for being great at Fangs.

Different Maps, Different Gameplay Opportunities

Fangs will have three different maps upon release, each sporting different battlefield conditions, and unique strategic challenges staged in different environments. The three maps are Embersong, Stormheart, and Crownwatch. 

While playing the same map in other MOBAs could get repetitive as players will eventually figure out the best way to play the “meta,” players will undergo different gameplay experiences with the three maps in Fangs. This diversity in map selection will also make the game exciting and provide variability in playstyle and strategies, without any stagnation. 

The result will be plenty of room for innovation and experimentation, slowing down the development of the meta and delaying the onset of staleness.

Elemental Mountains of The Fractured Realms

Fangs revolves around the beautiful, yet dangerous world of The Fractured Realms. Fangs are magical mountains that impact everything within the world. There are seven distinct Fangs so far, each possessing different magical properties: Scorch, Storm, Sea, Gale, Sun, Earth, and Ice.

These mountains have been at the center of culture and conflict ever since creation, and they have become the world’s most sought-after resource. Hidden Leaf Games described The Fractured Realms as, “After the Great Calamity, the Fangs' magic grows unstable and the Fractured Realms teeters on the brink of a new age of arcane upheaval. Who will forge their legend in this new era of conflict and who will be forgotten? It is yet to be decided.

Elemental mountains or Fangs

Fangs’ Diverse Range of Heroes

Players will have the option of choosing between 14 different heroes, and Hidden Leaf Games stated that each hero will have a specific game style, and dedicated augments to customize them with. 

The current 14 heroes are as follows:

  • Astrada, the Royal Devastator

  • Belroth, the Wraith of the Deepwoods

  • Brutus, the Bull

  • Ethryn, the Shield of the East

  • Fiorne, the Last Lance

  • Ishir, the Sword of Fate

  • Kiona, the Fist of the Council

  • Rayo, the Lightning Ace

  • Rose, the Dreadreaver

  • Rowan, the Glade Knight

  • Somnia, the Dreamweaver

  • Tufts, the Curious Traveler

  • Yanari, the Lionsworn

  • Zoey & Boo, the healing Helpers

The developer stated that Fangs will be easy to learn and hard to master, as it invited both new players and MOBA veterans.  Fangs’ barrier to entry is expected to be low, so that everyone has the opportunity to taste, and experience the beauty of the genre. Notably, the developers will push updates and balances to the game every two weeks to keep Fangs afresh.

Keep an eye out on Fangs’ social media as Hidden Leaf Games seems to have many announcements to come. Currently, Fangs hosts weekly playtests to improve the game by incorporating player feedback. You can also Wishlist Fangs on Steam and the Epic Games store, as well as join the Fangs community on Discord.

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