Why Is VCS Spring 2024 Postponed Indefinitely?

VCS Spring 2024 is indefinitely postponed due to possible breach of integrity

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The 2024 Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) Spring Season is the first split of the fifth season of Vietnam's fully professional League of Legends league as an independent region.
The future of the league is now uncertain due to some serious allegations regarding the breach of integrity.

On 18th March, Riot Games and Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) announced the indefinite postponement of the remainder of the VCS 2024 Spring Split due to an internal investigation into some of the teams participating in the league. The VCS said that the split would be postponed indefinitely due to a possible breach of competitive integrity and also noted that the matches and results of Week 8 of play are canceled.

The VCS is currently reportedly investigating into all eight participating teams in the league including Cerberus, GAM Esports, MGN Blue Esports, Rainbow Warriors, Team Flash, Team Secret, Team Whales, and Vikings Esports.

VCS Officials Issue Statement

In its statement (translated), the VCS said, "Last weekend, us, the organizers of the 2024 VCS Spring Split had ordered to postpone some matches to conduct an investigation of the teams participating in the VCS. After some developments in the current situation, we announce that all matches will be postponed from Monday, March 18, 2024."

The statement from the VCS also noted that it "will not tolerate any actions that affect the competitive integrity” of the league.

This development has thrown the region in disarray and could potentially impact the participation of teams from VCS in the upcoming international League of Legends tournaments such as the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) 2024 in May, which is set to happen in China.

Due to the possible breach of competitive integrity, the organizers of the VCS have now decided to determine the group stage rankings based on the results up to the end of week 7, which concluded on 10th March 2024. These rankings will determine the teams advancing to the next stage of the split: The playoffs.

The teams in the VCS 2024 Spring Split that have made it to the Playoffs according to Week 7 results are as follows:

  1. Team Secret

  2. ⁠GAM Esports

  3. ⁠Team Whales

  4. Vikings Esports

  5. ⁠CERBERUS Esports

  6. ⁠MGN Blue Esports

It should be noted that the VCS has not yet revealed details about the investigations. The league has also not named the teams or pro players who are likely involved in the incident at the time of writing this article.

Fans and followers will have to wait to hear more about the details of the investigation from the organizers of the VCS and Riot Games in the upcoming weeks. Riot usually posts results of its competitive ruling on its site for followers.

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