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Why Do Fans Want Elon Musk to Buy League of Legends?

“Please just delete Yuumi” - Entire League of Legends community

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The gaming community wants Elon Musk to buy their favorite games to help them get rid of unwanted characters and mechanics.
A lot of the League of Legends community have joked about wanting Elon Musk to buy Riot Games and delete Yuumi from the game.

Social media platform Twitter and the world's richest person Elon Musk struck a $44 Billion USD deal on 25th April, following which the publicly traded firm will now become a private company owned by Musk. He said, “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.” Musk stated that he would make Twitter better than ever by introducing new features, making the algorithms open-source, doing away with the spambots, and “authenticating all humans.

Elon Musk has never shied away from expressing his thoughts about his favorite games on social media. In an interview with Y Combinator Musk said, “Overwatch is great. Generally, Blizzard does great stuff.” Now, following Musk’s takeover of Twitter, fans and communities across the realms of esports and gaming have been tagging him on the social media platform, asking him to buy their favorite game, and make it better. The League of Legends community was no exception when it came to appealing to Musk.

Elon Musk and League of Legends

The League of Legends community was in unison while asking Elon Musk to buy Riot Games and delete Yuumi from the game. It’s fair to say that their request is not unjustified since the champion is seemingly busted in Competitive play and Solo Queue.

On 26th April, League of Legends caster Marc “Caedrel” Lamont wrote on Twitter, “hey @elonmusk can you buy Riot Games and delete yuumi.” In response, co-founder, co-chairman, and president of games for Riot Games Marc Merrill said, “Elon loves magical cats, would never happen.

Jokingly, Team BDS posted on Twitter, “Elon Musk just bought Riot Games for 43M Riot Points to delete Yuumi from League of Legends.

The main reason why the community hates Yuumi is the fact that the player playing Yuumi can literally go AFK and still win the game. The champion basically attaches herself to an ally, occasionally healing and shielding them, with the press of a button. How is that balanced!?

Secondly, the amount of healing from Yuumi is obnoxious. Opponents facing a Yuumi are forced to always rush some anti-heal item, in order to stop her from perma-healing her carries.

There is also a running gag in the community about how League of Legends players gain a whole new level of satisfaction while killing a Yuumi who’s stranded behind by her teammates.

Players did not just stop with Yuumi, however. They also brought up champions like Zed, Yasuo, and Yone making the Summoner’s Rift a terrible experience.

Similarly, the player base for other games and esports titles mirrored the same sentiment. Call of Duty pro player Dillon "Attach" Price wrote on Twitter, “Elon Musk needs to buy Call of Duty and remove slide canceling.” An old meme of Elon Musk buying Fortnite also surfaced in this conversation.

Notably, Elon Musk had also tweeted about the TV series Arcane, which is based on League of Legends and the cities of Zaun and Piltover of Runeterra.

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