Bard was disabled after a game-breaking bug. 


Why Bard Was Disabled in League of Legends

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Bard was causing a bug that lead to the game not only crashing but also disappearing from your match history.
Ranked Match queues were also temporarily disabled.

Bard had been temporarily disabled from League of Legends along with ranked match queues. Players who opened the client last night saw a message next to the play button that read “We have disabled Bard due to in game issues and are currently working on a resolution”. Riot Games had also disabled ranked match queues for a little while due to issues with bans and selecting certain champions. The bug was caused due to an interaction between Bard’s E and Anivia or Trundle’s wall and pillar. As of now, the bug seems to be resolved and the wandering caretaker is back on Summoner’s Rift. Here is why Bard was disabled in League of Legends for a while since last night.

The bug that caused Bard to be disabled

A video by Vandril showed the reason why Bard was disabled in League of Legends. It was due to a weird interaction with both Anivia’s wall (W) and Trundle’s pillar (W). When players used Bard’s portal with any of these abilities, it could end up crashing the game. Under wrong conditions, the interaction not only caused the game to crash but the match would also disappear from a player’s match history.

Bard is now back on the Rift. Riot seems to have resolved the issue, as the Wandering Caretaker can now be selected in the champion select screen for both normal and ranked games. The disclaimer next to the play button has also disappeared. According to Lolanalytics, Bard is currently an A tier support with a 2.71% pick rate and a 50.95 win rate in Platinum+ games. Although the enchanter support meta is currently going strong, Bard’s roam-heavy playstyle has kept him at a low pick rate. Riot Games has also reinstated Ranked match queue, which was previously facing issues with banning and selecting certain champions. Players will hopefully not face any more issues with Bard while playing.

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