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Who is Fisker: The Crazy Raccoons Valorant Star in VCT Masters Berlin

Abhimannu Das
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Hideki "Fisker" Sasaki joined FAV Gaming in June 2020 after which he joined Crazy Raccoons (Cr) earlier this year.
He helped CR win VCT Stage 3 Challengers 1 and earned them a spot at Valorant Masters Berlin.
Fisker will be competing in Valorant Champions regardless of his team's results at Berlin, as CR earned its spot at the world championship through circuit points.

Despite starting off slow at Valorant Masters Berlin, Crazy Raccoon managed to get its first win at the event. 24-year-old Hideki "Fisker" Sasaki has been instrumental in the team’s success and has helped the team solidify its spot in Valorant Champions. Fisker can play Jett and Skye, but he has been sticking to Skye in recent events in the Initiator role. But despite his support role, he manages to rake in kills when his team needs him to. He started his Valorant career in FAV Gaming in June 2020, before switching over to Crazy Raccoon earlier this year.

How Fisker Made His Name Known in The Global Stage

Fisker was originally a Jett player but after the release of Skye, and Riot Games giving the agent some much needed tweaks to make her a viable pick, Fisker started playing her in recent events. During his time with FAV Esports, he made his presence known in the Japanese Valorant community with a win at the UTAGE Valorant Season 2 and the Valorant JAPAN All Stars Festival, winning both events. He was a part of Valorant Champions Tour’s Stage 1 Masters event but FAV failed to clinch a win at the event.

The team fell short at the Stage 2 Challengers event as well, but his efforts did not go unnoticed. Crazy Raccoon took an interest in the player and signed him into the roster, after which he helped CR secure a win at Stage 3’s Challengers event in Japan, and earn them a spot at Valorant Masters Berlin.

In yesterday’s game against Havan Liberty, Crazy Raccoons was in a do-or-die situation and Fisker managed to calm his nerves and help his team secure a 2-0 win. He is lethal with any weapon and managed to grab everyone's attention by showing off his skills with the Classic in the pistol round of the second half. You can check out the play below.

Fisker has helped Crazy Raccoons secure a spot in Valorant Champions

With Crazy Raccoons still in the competition, it will be interesting to see how Fisker matches up against the best players from other regions. Even if CR does not win at Valorant Masters Berlin, the Japanese team has automatically qualified for Valorant Champions.

Fisker and his teammates will be going up against Gambit Esports tonight in a Decider match, which could be Crazy Raccoon’s toughest match at Berlin so far. Gambit beat Crazy Raccoon 13-1 in both maps on Day One, which was easily the most one-sided matchup so far at the ongoing Masters event. CR will be looking to rethink its strategy against the Russian team to secure a win.

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