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Valorant Masters Berlin Day 5 Recap: Vivo Keyd Headed to Champions

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Valorant Masters Berlin Day 5 saw ZETA DIVISION and F4Q get knocked out of the competition.
While both teams will be playing their final matches later this week, they will be unable to qualify no matter the outcomes of these matches.
Crazy Raccoon kept its hopes alive with a 2-0 victory over Havan Liberty.

After a rough start at Valorant Masters Berlin, F4Q was unable to hold on to its chances of securing a win at the international event. G2 Esports knocked the team out of the competition and while F4Q still has one match left at the event, it will not head to the next stage no matter the outcome. In the second game of the night Vivo Keyd beat ZETA DIVISION 2-0 and Crazy Raccoon took home a 2-0 victory against Havan Liberty. After last night’s matches, a lot of the teams are hanging on to their chances of being a part of Valorant Champions by the thread and fates for multiple competitors will be sealed by this weekend.

Valorant Masters Berlin Day 5 Recap

Match D4 — F4Q v G2 Esports (0-2)

F4Q needed to win the game to keep its hopes alive at Valorant Masters Berlin but it ended up losing 2-0 to G2 Esports. G2 Esports dominated F4Q on both Bind and Ascent and F4Q managed to win only six rounds during the entire matchup.

Match B4 — Vivo Keyd v ZETA DIVISION (2-0)

Vivo Keyd’s roster showed confidence against ZETA Division with the team securing a comfortable 13-3 victory on Breeze and the second match ended 13-4 in Vivo’s favor. While ZETA was the first team to earn a map win for Japan at an international Valorant LAN event, the team failed to get any wins last night and will be heading out of the competition soon.

Match C4 — Havan Liberty v Crazy Raccoon (0-2)

Crazy Raccoon went head-to-head against Havan Liberty and unlike the previous two matches, it was closely fought between the two teams. Crazy Raccoon had the edge last night with a 13-9 victory on Havan Liberty and a 13-8 victory on Split to close things off for the night. Crazy Raccoon has sealed its spot for Valorant Champions and the team will be heading to the world championships regardless of their performance in future matches at Valorant Masters Berlin.

Valorant Masters Berlin Day 5 Statistics

Vivo Keyd’s Olavo “heat” Marcelo has overtaken Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo to become the top rated player based on his Average Combat Score, which is sitting at 334.3.

Heat has also beaten TenZ to have the highest First Kill/First Death Differential, which is sitting at +18.

Jett continues to be the most picked agent with a pickrate of 81% so far.

Valorant Masters Berlin: Where to watch

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