Whimp Scouts New Valorant Team for VCL South Asia


Whimp Scouts New Valorant Team for VCL SA as Contract With Revenant Expires

Another player enters the market.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Indian Valorant player Whimp has announced free agency as his contract with Revenant Esports expired in February 2023.
Whimp wants to join a new team with whom he can compete in the Valorant Challengers League: South Asia.
Whimp recently participated in the open qualifier for VCL SA under the banner of OR5 but has since parted ways with the roster.

The ongoing Valorant Challengers League: South Asia (VCL SA) has prompted a lot of players and teams from the region to implement changes to deliver their best in the VCT circuit.

While organizations have started narrowing down their respective rosters for the league, many players are still searching for a new home. The talented former Revenant Esports player, Saaransh "Whimp" Dang, is joining this growing list, having announced his free agency yesterday on 1st March.

Whimp becomes a free agent and continues his search for a new Valorant team

Revenant Esports had moved Whimp to its inactive roster in December 2022 but he was still under contract with the organization. He was allowed to explore other options heading into 2023 but could not attract a lot of attention.

Whimp went ahead and made his own lineup to compete in the open qualifier for VCL South Asia under the banner of OR5.

  1. LeVi

  2. PanzeR

  3. DcRulz

  4. NaiveJester

  5. Whimp

The team managed to reach the semifinals where they were handed a '2-0' defeat by Medal Esports and eliminated from the tournament. Unable to qualify, Whimp parted ways with the team. At the same time, his contract also expired (February 2023) and he announced his search for a new team.

In a conversation with AFK Gaming, Whimp revealed that the lineup mentioned above was supposed to join an Indian organization for VCL South Asia but unfortunately the organization failed to get a slot. They entered discussions with a few other organizations from India but none of them managed to secure a slot for one reason or the other.

After all the efforts resulted in nothing, Whimp decided not to continue ahead with the lineup and is now searching for a new team.

"Right now, my main focus is to play in the league, if I get a chance," says Whimp in a statement to AFK, "Thanks to everyone who has supported me since the start and also thanks to Revenant, they were nothing but great to me. I hope this is not the end for me as I still have a lot of Valorant left in me."

So far, information related to VCL South Asia is scarce but with its open qualifier coming to an end we know for sure that one of the teams called Anaadi Army will be competing in the main event.

With a total prize pool of more than 1.1 crores and a chance of qualifying for the VCT Asia Pacific Asencion 2023, this is the most important Valorant tournament which will be taking place in South Asia and no aspiring player or team wants to miss out on it.

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