Here is when we can expect Mei to come back to Overwatch 2. 


When Is Mei Coming Back to Overwatch 2?

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Overwatch 2 has ended up disabling many heroes since its launch.
Mei has been disabled since Halloween due to a buggy interaction with Kiriko.

Overwatch 2’s launch has been less than ideal, with server issues and bugs that led to heroes like Bastion and Torbjorn being disabled. While the developer has dealt with most of these issues, Mei ended up disabled in Overwatch 2 on 31st October due to a buggy interaction with Kirko. Players are still waiting for Blizzard Entertainment to bring the ice queen back to the game.

When is Mei coming back to Overwatch?

Mei has been disabled in the game since Halloween due to an exploit with her Ice Wall and Kiriko’s Swift Step, which let players reach locations outside the standard play area. When Kiriko teleports to a hero inside certain areas where ice wall is placed, it causes Kiriko to get placed out of bounds. A Blizzard community manager has said that Mei is coming back to Overwatch 2 on 15th November, with the release of the next patch.

Overwatch 2 - 15th November Patch

In the upcoming 15th November update, Blizzard is nerfing five heroes in the game. Kiriko is getting her first nerf with the invulnerability on her Swift Step (teleport) ability being reduced from 0.4 to 0.25 seconds. Zarya’s barriers are also getting nerfed with the duration reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds and cooldown increased from 10 to 11 seconds. D.Va is the second tank to get a nerf with her Fusion Cannon spread increased from 3.5 to 3.75 and boosters impact damage reduced from 25 to 15.

Sombra is also getting major nerfs with her Hack duration reduced from 1.75 to 1.5 seconds and the damage multiplier reduced from 40% to 25%. Genji is also slated for nerfs in the upcoming patch with his Shuriken damage reduced from 29 to 27 and maximum ammo reduced from 30 to 24.

Despite several calls for nerfs, damage heroes like Sojourn are yet to receive nerfs this patch. Players will also have to wait for the buffs Blizzard announced for tank heroes like Doomfist.

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