Riot Games revealed the official artwork for Varun Batra aka Harbor.


When Does Harbor Release in Valorant?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games revealed the official artwork for Varun Batra aka Harbor.
Riot had earlier confirmed that he will be a controller and easter eggs suggest that he will be able to control water.

Riot Games released the poster of Agent 21 on 10th October and sent the community into a frenzied state. The official image confirmed that the agent would be called Harbor, and the teaser video the company had posted earlier made it evident that the agent is from India. Notably, Riot Games has been teasing Harbor for weeks now. The new agent was discussed in hidden emails sent by Fade that were found in the range, and the company also used imagery representing India, in addition to the audio log by Cypher.

Varun Batra aka Harbor will be a controller who has the ability to bend and use water as per his will. Fans also strongly believe that the official art has clues about Harbor's abilities in Valorant.

Everything we know about Harbor

Fade’s email to Brimstone explained that Varun Batra was an antiquities expert working with Legion. Harbor was hailed as a hero but after he stole an artifact of immense value and power, he was declared a war criminal. Hailing from India, Harbor’s real name Varun Batra is a reference to the Hindu God Varuna or the God of Oceans. Cypher also found crucial information about Harbor that can be found in the Range.

The State of the Agents blog published on 13th September by Riot Games confirmed that Harbor will be a controller. There are currently only four controllers in Valorant, while there are six duelists, four sentinels, and five initiators.

Developer John “RiotMEMEMEMEME” Goscicki signed off from the blog with a Hindi phrase – “Jald hi milte hain” — which translates to “see you soon.” He also added an image teaser filled with easter eggs about Harbor. The image had a plate of samosas, an Indian street food, placed next to a diary and a cup of tea. Upon closer inspection, the Gateway of India and the Mumbai harbor were evident in the background. The notes in the diary included a map of India and arrows suggesting a move from the West (Mumbai) to the Eastern part of the country.

Indian agent -- Valorant Agent 21 -- teaser image

When you visit the Practice Range in Valorant, you will spot a similar map of India. In the range, the map shows a logo that is on the move within India. Notably, the same symbol can be seen tattooed on Harbor's arm.

When does Harbor release in Valorant?

According to Riot, Episode 5 Act 2 of Valorant will end on 17th October (PDT) and the new Act is expected to go live on 18th October. Therefore players can expect the addition of Harbor to the game's evolving agent roster on that day. Just like with other agents, players will have to play through Harbor’s contract in-game, gain XP, or purchase the tier to unlock him. Players can also expect to see a full-fledged teaser and also an ability reveal for Harbor very soon.

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