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When Does Arcane Act 3, Episode 7 Release on Netflix?

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Fans are eagerly waiting for Arcane Act 3 Episode 7 and Riot has revealed an official release date for the final act of the show.
The final act of the show is expected to bring the origin stories of Vi, Jinx, Jayce and Viktor to a close.
Act 3 is slated for release on 20th November 2021 with episodes 7, 8 and 9 releasing at the same time.

League of Legends’ Arcane Act 3, Episode 7 will reveal what happened to Vi after she is taken away from Jinx once again. Act 2 released on 13th November 2021 and it set up the final Act of the season. We saw a time skip between Act 1 and 2 and there might be a second time skip for the final Act.

Amidst the story of Jinx and Vi, we also have two other League of Legends champions heralding progress in Piltover and Zaun. Jayce became a councilor in Act 2 and is taking action against Zaun’s crimes against the city. Viktor on the other hand returned to Zaun and is looking to escape death through mutation. Arcane Act 3, Episode 7 will air on 20th November 2021 along with episode 8 and 9 which will conclude the season.

What is Arcane about

League of Legends’ Arcane is now streaming on Netflix but not all episodes are available yet. Riot Games has staggered the release of the three acts of Arcane. Only Act 1 and 2 are available at the moment and the last act will be available next week. We got a glimpse into Jinx and Vi’s origin story and also got to see the younger versions of a lot of other League of Legends characters like Jayce, Viktor and Caitlyn.

We may also see new League of Legends/Wild Rift champions introduced for the first time. Mel Medarda is a potential candidate for becoming a champion considering how much focus there is on the character throughout the series.

Arcane Act 3, Episode 7 Release Date

Fans can catch up on Arcane Act 3, Episode 7 on 20th November 2021 at 12 AM PT.

How to watch Arcane Act 3, Episode 7

Arcane Act 3 will air exclusively on Netflix. There are no co-streams for Act 3 announced yet for Twitch users.


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