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Who is Mel in Arcane Series on Netflix?

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Mel in Netflix's Arcane Series is an exiled member of House Medarda, who leveraged her ambition and political prowess to become a Piltover Council member.
She is seen supportive of Jayce in Act 1 but the character turns out to be devious and manipulative in Act 2.
Mel is currently not a champion in League of Legends but that may change with the amount of focus Riot Games has put on her throughout the series.

Mel in Netflix’s Arcane series has become the center of attention. She is seen as a manipulative member of the Piltover Council and is willing to do anything to put herself at the top. After being shunned by her family for not living up to the standards set by House Medarda, she uses her political prowess to get anything that she wants. However, she does not seem inconsiderate of other people’s feelings despite being overly ambitious. But who is Mel in Netflix’s Arcane series, and what role will she play in the final Act of the series?

The Medarda Clan of Piltover

Mel is a member of the Medarda clan, who was exiled from her family. The Medarda family constructed the Sun Gates in Piltover. Its most notable member is Jago Medarda, who is an influential businessman who funds research into using hextech for the Sun Gates.

The heir apparent of the clan, Jae Medarda does not involve himself in his family’s affairs. Instead, he chooses to hunt artifacts and prefers adventuring to business. Mel on the other hand is completely disconnected from her clan after being exiled. But she has managed to build a name for herself by rising to the top of the Council board.

In Arcane, Mel managed to thwart Heimerdinger from his seat through manipulation while also getting the young inventor Jayce appointed as a council member.

Mel’s personality in Arcane

Mel Medarda is very interested in the potential that Hextech has to offer and she is willing to bend the rules to help Jayce carry out his research. In episode four (Act 2 Episode 2) it was revealed that her intentions aren’t exactly pure. She is manipulative and is simply looking to boost her power, that overshadows the Medarda clan. Mel is scheming and cunning, forcing Jayce to overlook crimes that are taking place within the Piltover council itself.

After Jinx attacks Piltover and kills multiple enforcers, Mel gets Jayce appointed as a council member. This allows Mel to take advantage of Jayce’s position and manipulate him into making business deals and receiving funds from investors.

But we also see a softer side to her personality as she seems to care for Jayce’s assistant Viktor, who seems to be dying. She wants to bring Hextech to the masses even though it is not safe, the magic-infused technology may potentially save Viktor’s life in Act 3.

Is Mel in League of Legends?

Mel is in the Arcane Series on Netflix, but she is not in League of Legends as of now. Her personality is interesting and with Riot Games putting the spotlight on her throughout the season, we won’t be surprised if she is introduced as a champion in the future.

---*** SPOILER WARNING ***---

Viktor’s life will be saved by Hextech as he grows to be an antihero character. While many predicted that Mel would have a hand in saving Viktor’s life by allowing Jayce to use Hextech, it does not seem to be the case. Viktor took matters into his own hands and will be using Hextech’s mutations to become the champion we know in League of Legends.

Jayce will also make use of Hextech weaponry and is a champion in League. But his rise to power was directly influenced by Mel. Vi, who is one of the protagonists of the series will also get access to Hextech weaponry which was shown off in Act 2.

Mel is connected to multiple champions in League of Legends and we might get a glimpse into her abilities as a champion if she wields Hextech powers herself in Act 3, during the fallout between Piltover and Zaun.

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