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Burger King Now Has a League of Legends ‘Arcane’ Themed Menu

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games has partnered with Burger King to offer 'Arcane' themed menu items to patrons in Portugal and Spain.
Exclusive merchandise is also available in partnership with Magnum, which players can purchase at Burger King outlets.
Grabbing the Arcane-themed items will allow players to earn in-game rewards like skins, chests and keys.

Riot Games’ ‘Arcane’ animated series has become a massive hit globally thanks to great fan reception as well as aggressive marketing. Riot has partnered with multiple brands to market the show, which includes the likes of Krafton, Epic Games and now Burger King. Fast food chain Burger King revealed a brand-new menu that features burgers, shakes and other items themed around Arcane’s characters.

Burger King is offering in-game items with every order

Ordering 'Arcane' themed items will let players grab codes for in-game items like chests, keys and skins. Currently the new menu is available in Spain and Portugal and there is no official word on whether fans from other countries will get to try out the limited-time items as well.

It also looks like there is exclusive merchandise available via Burger King with the fast food chain showing off an Ekko statue with its branding.

Riot Games wants to expand beyond gaming and esports

Riot’s intentions are clear from its recent endeavors, with the League of Legends publisher looking to establish itself as a mainstream entertainment brand. After over a decade of successful esports titles, Riot wants to expand to mainstream entertainment. The studio recently released Hextech Mayhem, which is the first-ever non-esports gaming title by Riot. Another single player RPG ‘Ruined King: A League of Legends Story’ is also in the works.

Following the success of ‘Arcane’, Riot Games wants to launch even more shows. In an interview with LA Times, Riot talked about how the showrunners for ‘Arcane’ have no experience with television. But the team has experience in community-focused customer service, and that is what the publisher leveraged to market its first-ever TV series.

Riot co-founder Marc Merrill revealed in the interview, “We can add on the great capabilities that other creators can have, but we cannot sacrifice the love, the attention to detail and the historical knowledge and perspective that Rioters have.”

League of Legends Arcane: Where to watch

The series is exclusively on Netflix. Act 1 is already out and the remaining episodes are scheduled for release later in November 2021.

Arcane (Netflix): https://www.netflix.com/in/title/81435684

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