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What to Expect From Call of Duty Warzone 1.0’s Final Season

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Call of Duty: Warzone's "final season" is set to arrive this month, after which we will head into Warzone 2.0.
The new update will arrive with new modes, weapons and other content on 24th August.
After the season ends, Warzone 2.0 is expected to arrive in November with a brand-new engine update, new maps and more.

With the release of Modern Warfare II imminent, Activision Blizzard is releasing one final update for Warzone players. The next and final major content update is arriving on 24th August after which players will directly transition to Warzone 2.0. The revamped version of Warzone will feature a brand-new arsenal of weapons, a new engine update, and more. Players have just three months left to enjoy the current Warzone meta after which we will move to a brand-new experience.

Everything new in the “Last Stand” update

The update will arrive on 24th August on all platforms. Here is everything new that is coming as part of Last Stand:

Volcanic Activity at Caldera: Ominous seismic activity is occurring at the Peak as highlighted by the new Season 5 trailer. We can expect a lot of map changes on Caldera to make way for Season 5. Avoid the lava flowing at your feet and watch for molten rocks shooting sky-high if you want to survive the new season.

New Caldera Gulag, Lighting Changes: A new volcanic-themed Gulag is coming to the game. Players will also get to experience new skies and lighting updates across Caldera and Rebirth Island, which are likely to carry over in Warzone 2.0

New Weapons: Trigger the Doomsday Station and defend your position to earn a unique cosmetic reward along with powerful in-game items. Up your game with the Supply Box UAV, Personal Supply Box, and Rage Serum.

Defend or Sabotage Caldera: Compete in the limited-time mode, Operation: Last Call, inspired by Search and Destroy, featuring different outcomes based on your match results. Choose your side in the Heroes vs. Villains Community Event and earn rewards for participating.

Warzone 2.0 is expected to drop sometime after the release of Modern Warfare II and it will be a free update that requires no purchase. You do not need to purchase Modern Warfare II to play Warzone.

All progress in Warzone will be reset and players will be required to earn a new arsenal of weapons. Warzone will also get an engine update later this year. The release of Warzone 2.0 has been confirmed but there is no official release date yet.

All we know so far is that it will be available after the launch of Modern Warfare II but not on the same day. There are leaks suggesting Warzone 2.0 will release on 16th November which means that we could be just three months away from its release.

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