Raf Strafe technique in Apex Legends is fairly new and players are surprised by this movement technique 


What is Raf Strafe Movement in Apex Legends?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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A new movement technique has taken the Apex Legends community by storm.
It is raf strafe and pros and streamers in the community are already confused by it.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that allows players to rise to glory through movement skills. It has a unique momentum-based movement that has gotten a lot of attention from the community and players can pull off crazy moves like sliding downhill and bouncing off walls without taking fall damage. Most of these draw inspiration from Titanfall and Titanfall II.

Apex Legends players enjoy discovering new and interesting movement techniques to keep the game spicy and flashy. One of the newest movement trends going around on social media is the Raf Strafe movement in Apex.

Raf Strafe goes viral

On 16th September, Twitter user @rafyxxx_a posted a video showcasing the new movement technique called “raf strafe.” The video is too quick and flashy to decipher what is happening but one can tell that it was very hard for the person shooting to land bullet shots. The new movement – raf strafe – involves strafing from left to right in mid-air and at the same time moving forward and jumping up and down. As a result, the character model moves quickly and also the direction is changed, making it hard to land shots.

The community has given his movement a lot of traction with most of the players overreacting by saying they would uninstall Apex Legends if this happened to them in-game.

Popular Apex Legends streamer Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An reacted to the new movement mechanic and said, “Movement demons, get onto it. Like holy f***. Look at this.” When a viewer on his stream asked if he would learn to do it, iiTzTimmy said, “I don’t even know how they do it. I don’t really care because I’m pretty sure like any movement technique, a lot of people are using configs.” He added that he does not care to learn it.

Apex Legends streamer FURIA Marco "Stuhni" Paramo commented on raf strafe. He said, “If it ain't done manually then it's cheating/takes no skill and shouldn't be praised.

Meanwhile, Team Liquid’s Apex pro Brandon "oh Nocturnal" Singer was taken aback by this crazy movement technique and said, “What in the f**k is this.

Most players are convinced that raf strafe can be pulled off in Apex Legends only by altering the config (configuration) files just like iiTzTimmy said. However, the original poster of the video has promised to post a tutorial very soon. Notably, altering config files is allowed in pubs but it is banned in competitive play.

As a result, it is not entirely sure if raf strafe movement is natural or if it is the outcome of messing around with config files.

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