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What Is Piercing Light in League of Legends?

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Piercing Light and the song’s remix by DJ Mako are iconic soundtracks of League of Legends.
The track has been used a lot in League of Legends esports during broadcasts and is definitely hype-worthy.

Music and Riot Games have been synonymous and Riot has used musical elements and notations to describe lores and to even bring a character to life. Pentakill narrates the story of Riot’s success in exploring the genre of metal and DJ Sona was the company’s way of bringing together music and gameplay. In 2016, Riot Games dropped an album called Warsongs featuring 11 League of Legends-themed tracks remixed by some of the world's famous DJs and producers. Piercing Light, remixed by Alex “Mako” Seaver, is one of the eleven songs present in the album.

However, even before Piercing Light was remixed for Warsongs, Riot Games had used the original composition on its broadcasts.

Piercing Light on 2014 World Championship Music Playlist


Piercing Light was one of the many tracks that were used during the 2014 Worlds broadcast. Riot shared all the tracks that were playing during the Worlds stream and wrote, “The 2014 Season World Championships are upon us! Here is the master list of musical tracks that will be played during Worlds. Listen along with us as you cheer for your favorite teams. :)

The original version of Piercing Light was used as part of the Walk on/Intro Music during Worlds 2014 along with tracks Blade Waltz and Vengeful Maelstrom.

Piercing Light Remix

Mako was one of the featured DJs on the Warsongs album which was released to be the soundtrack of the 2016 ranked season in League of Legends. Mako has been a part of some of the iconic League of Legends songs like Rise (Worlds 2018 anthem) and Misfit Toys (featured in the TV show Arcane).

The Piercing Light remix has been one of the staple soundtracks of League of Legends esports since 2016. At Worlds, it was used as a bumper along with tracks including the Worlds 2016 main theme, Call to Arms by Gresby Race Nash, the MSI 2016 theme and Ignite by Zedd. Bumpers are short pieces of music usually lasting no longer than fifteen seconds and are used during intros, outros, and transitions in a broadcast.

Piercing Light (Mako Remix) starts off very slow and then picks up the pace and is an exceptionally hype song.

Electronic dance music (EDM) never fails to amp players up while playing their favorite game or while climbing the ranked ladder. The entirety of the Warsongs album is in the EDM genre and resonates well with the League of Legends community since the genre is already popular.

About Warsongs, head of Riot Music Toa Dunn said, “If you go to a basketball game, you hear jock jams, right? Those songs say, 'It's game time.' Hopefully, Warsongs can be that for League—fuel for the fire.

What is the other Piercing Light in League of Legends?


Piercing Light is one of the abilities in marksman Lucian’s kit. Notably, Piercing Light is Lucian’s Q spell. Upon casting it, he shoots a bolt of piercing light through a target and deals damage. It is only fitting for Lucian to have a spell named Piercing Light since he is a sentinel of light himself.

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