Fans are wondering what happened to Flights in Valorant after months of no uploads.


What Happened to Flights in Valorant?

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The Raze main has been missing from YouTube and social media for a while now.
This has led fans to speculate about what happened to Flights.

Valorant player Connor “Flights” Dykes started playing the game during its beta days and amassed a huge following on YouTube. Hailing from Warrington, United Kingdom, Flights was a former CS:GO player who picked up Valorant during the closed beta. Known for his insane Raze plays, Flights was able to single-handedly demolish the enemy team with the agent’s ultimate Showstopper. While the YouTuber seemed to upload regularly in the past, he seems to have gone off the radar. With no new uploads for months, fans are left wondering what happened to Flights in Valorant?  

Flights’ streaming success

Dykes made a name for himself under the in-game name (IGN) Flights since Valorant’s closed beta days. Regularly uploading streams, he racked up over 500K subscribers on YouTube, a number which has grown to 924K over the years. He also ran a successful Twitch channel with 373K followers, later uploading compilations of his best plays to YouTube. 

The streamer was known for his Raze plays as he took out multiple enemies with Raze’s ultimate and moved around the map with ease using her Blast Packs. A former Counter Strike player, Flights enjoyed ‘surfing’ on various obstacle courses on custom servers. Getting used to surfing mechanics helped the player hone his skills on Raze. Not only would he confuse enemies with his quick and smooth movement but his aim was also stellar, regularly picking up aces during his matches.

Flights became so good on Raze, he was accused of using hacks by enemy players. His videos became a masterclass for aspiring Raze mains in terms of how to utilize her utility optimally. Due to his epic plays and success on YouTube, esports organization T1 signed Flights on as a streamer in January 2021. He still remains signed to T1’s streaming roster. 

What happened to Flights in Valorant?

Due to his wide fame as a Raze player, fans were quick to notice that Flights stopped uploading to YouTube in the past year. His last YouTube upload was on 24th May 2022 while his last tweet was on 23rd March 2022 discussing the Raze nerf, making her “unplayable.”

The streamer has not been posting on social media since then, nor has he streamed on Twitch since last year. However, he has been appearing on other streamers’ broadcasts like NRG Esports’ Chris “Flexninja” Irvine. While playing a Valorant deathmatch together on stream, Flexninja says, “You don’t have to post, you’re f*cking Flights, you’re flights”, to which Flights responds saying, “I don’t like [...] I wanna post you know.” Flex then asks him, “Have you not been enjoying Valorant?” to which he responds, “No, not really.” Since then the streamer has participated in a charity event organized by Double Peek held in January of this year where he played alongside fellow streamers and content creators.

Since the Raze nerfs, Flights does not seem to enjoy the game as much anymore. It is unclear if and when Flights will be back to streaming Valorant or whether he has moved on to something that he enjoys more but if his recent Twitter display picture is any indication, he seems to have taken up combat sport.

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