2022 MSI Capsules and Drops


What Can the 2022 MSI Capsules and Drops Contain in League of Legends?

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Players shall soon be able to get their hands on exclusive 2022 MSI drops in the form of emotes and icons.
A Twitter user leaked a set of possible icons and emotes that might be available for the 2022 MSI.
However, a Rioter clarified that not all of the emotes that were in the tweet would be available for MSI.

League of Legends’ Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is just around the corner. The first international tournament of this year, the MSI, is scheduled to begin on 10th May and conclude on 29th May. As with every year, the MSI will bring forth an array of new content to the game via drops, capsules, and possibly missions as well. Watching live matches on the LoLEsports website will give viewers random drops throughout the event. Apart from this, MSI 2022 is speculated to have an in-game event and also dedicated MSI capsules for crafting.

What can you expect to see in MSI Capsules and Drops?

Twitter user papuchochoe wrote, “Hi, [I] made a list of all the icons/emotes/whatever that you can most likely get from MSI capsules/drops/missions when the event comes like next week or something :3

Some of the drops that the user shared included emotes for Yasuo, Kai’Sa, Taliyah, Morgana, and Rell. Apart from the emotes, the user also shared a new set of Summoner Icons that can be used to customize player profiles in-game. Notably, there was also a new ward skin among the other collectibles.

Rioter responds to tweet about 2022 MSI Capsules and Drops

Rioter TyraMaySue quote tweeted the original post and wrote, “Hi, Riot TyraMaySue here. Here's some context: We do create some content well ahead of time and then we release it during all year-long events. Some emotes or icons you're seeing now might be released for MSI and some later in the year.”

According to the Rioter, the 2022 MSI Capsule will specifically focus on Rell, Morgana, and Taliyah icons and also Viego, Rengar, LeBlanc, and others. Additionally, other emotes and icons shall reportedly be reserved for the 2022 Summer Split, and some even saved for Worlds.

In essence, all the emotes or icons shown in the leaks may not be available during 2022 MSI as part of the loot.

According to Twitter user Spideraxe, the Taliyah emote will probably get unlocked when a user sets up MFA (multi-factor authentication).

The illustrator who worked on the new emotes wrote on Twitter, “Ok, since It was revealed I will let my boiz out: Good luck with unlocking these :33

According to illustrator Angelina Chernyak, the Vladimir emote where he is looking at a parchment is a reference to a popular meme.

Riot Games has not yet officially mentioned how the drops are going to work this year. But since the tournament is starting in less than a week, the company should be making further announcements regarding MSI capsules and drops.

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