Revenant Esports’ pro player Whimp got a crazy ace with Ghost while playing Chamber.


[Watch] Revenant Whimp Gets a Crazy Ace With Ghost on Ascent

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Revenant Esports’ pro player Whimp got a crazy ace with Ghost while playing Chamber.
Whimp was in a high-pressure situation where he tackled all five members of the enemy team all by himself.

The Indian esports scene and the Valorant ecosystem have grown tremendously over the course of the last year. Hordes of talented players are showing off their one-tap skills and crazy Valorant plays. Getting slick headshots onto your opponents is insanely difficult and takes a lot of practice, let alone in a 2v5 situation. Recently, Revenant Esports’ Valorant player and in-game leader (IGL) Saaransh “Whimp” Dang got an ace with crispy flicks while playing Chamber on Ascent, while defending B-site.

Whimp gets ace with Ghost

In the 13th Round of the match on Ascent, Whimp was playing from B-site Boat House as Chamber. With his E- Rendezvous on cooldown and other spells having run out, Whimp had to truly rely on his gunfire accuracy. Since it was the first round after half-time, both teams were running pistols including Ghosts and Sheriffs. With just 1.18 minutes left on the clock, Whimp and his teammate Astra were fighting all five members of the opponent team. While he got his first kill on the enemy Sova, the Astra died to Jett. Meanwhile, Whimp moved to the left-most door in the boat house and secured his second kill of the round onto the KAY/O who was located near the steps beside the green box. 

Following this, all three members of the enemy team rushed Whimp. The pro player had to rely on his instincts and he immediately turned to Omen, who was on the right-most opening of the boat house, instead of dueling the Jett first.

After getting a clean headshot onto the Omen, Whimp turned to fight Jett. Now, Whimp’s HP was dangerously low as he was seeing red with just 16 HP, but a clinical flick on to the Jett, who had walked closer to him, helped him pick up four back-to-back kills.

At this juncture, it was a 1v1 between Whimp’s Chamber and the enemy Chamber. However, the enemy Chamber lost the Russian Roulette as Whimp picked up a clip-worthy, fast-paced ace, and won his team the round.

On 7th November, Whimp took to Twitter to rightfully flex his skills.

Revenant Esports and its players have been a force to be reckoned with in the Indian Valorant scene. Earlier this year, Revenant Esports won The Esports Club (TEC) Community Cup and was one of the four Indian squads to participate in the recent TEC Challenger Series where it had a semi-finals finish. Likewise, Revenant Esports was one of the eight teams that battled it out in the open qualifier of the Valorant India Invitational.

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