Grimm showed off some of his sick Sage walls on Pearl while playing against Tarik.


[Watch] Grimm’s Sage Wall on Pearl Catches Tarik Off-guard

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Grimm showed off some of his sick Sage walls on Pearl while playing against Tarik.
Tarik was caught off-guard by one such play and his team later realized that they were against Grimm.

Grimm is a Valorant content creator and streamer who is well-known in the community for coming up with unique Sage walls to get the most bizarre advantages over his opposition. His walls have caught pro players off guard many a time. It is very evident that these Sage walls need high levels of practice and patience to pull off and it could all go wrong in just a fraction of a second, costing you and the team crucial rounds. Grimm uses these walls to gain positional advantages that even agents like Raze, Jett, and Omen can’t achieve. Recently, Grimm was playing against Sentinels streamer Tarik "tarik" Celik, who was surprised by Grimm’s positioning on the attack side.

Grimm’s Sage wall surprises Tarik

Tarik and Grimm were matched up against each other on Pearl and Tarik’s team had other pros including Hunter "BabyJ" Schline and Austin "crashies" Roberts. In the first half of the map, Grimm’s team was attacking while Tarik was on the defender’s side. Tarik used his Chamber setups on the B site and was watching long and was hoping to play retakes after the first frag. 

As three people appeared on B long, Tarik got the first kill and teleported to a safe place. Meanwhile, three of Tarik’s teammates died while the other team was rotating to A site. 

With a man advantage on Grimm’s team, the spike was planted while Tarik on the Chamber played on A Dugout near the walls. Following this, Tarik’s only remaining teammate Raze also died, turning the round into a 1v2. 

As Tarik secured a trade kill onto the Raze, he walked into the site and was caught off-guard by Grimm’s wall near the spike. Grimm on the Sage walled the spike and lifted himself up while doing so, in order to shoot Tarik through the window on A site (in front of the Dugout). 

Tarik said, “Wha the fu**? He walled the bomb and that’s fuc*** genius.” This is when the team realized that they were playing against Grimm as they recognized his infamous walls.

In the third round, Grimm again went for a cheeky play on mid as he lifted himself up on the box, looking into A doorway using the wall. However, to his dismay, there were two people watching that angle and he immediately died.

However, the same trick worked out for the Sage at the start of the eighth round with a Guardian in hand. 

Interesting and creative use of abilities in Valorant is what makes the game enjoyable and also entertaining while watching. When you combine your creativity and your crisp shooting skills, you can surely climb up the ranked ladder very fast.

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