[Watch] Fnatic Hylissang Tanks Tower, Flashes & Dies Trying To Control Minions

Classic play by the Professor!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Hylissang is one of the star players of the LEC who is known for his outplays as well as misplays.
He is a consistently good player who is very aggressive in lane and in team fights.
Against SK Gaming, Hylissang had a very funny play that cost him his life

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) just concluded its Summer 2022 opening Super Week and it featured some stellar matches with noteworthy outplays. On Day 3, Fnatic took on SK Gaming and won the match to close out the first week with a strong 2-1 record. Fnatic’s support player Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov caught the attention of the crowd and the fans with his silly play yet again.

Hylissang has quite the reputation for being a notorious player who would run into tower range just to delay his opponent’s recall timing and to mess around with the wave management, even if it meant that he was going to die for the play.

What did Hylissang do against SK Gaming?

At around 14.30 minutes in the game, Hylissang who was on the bottom side river noticed that SK’s mid-laner Daniel "Sertuss" Gaman was going back to his base to reset and decided to freeze the minion wave for his mid-laner Marek "Humanoid" Brázda.

However, Hylissang walked too close to the tower and ended up tanking three tower shots, and immediately he used his dash to get closer to Humanoid. At this point, SK’s attack damage carry (ADC) sees a potential kill and used his Ezreal Ultimate to try and snipe down Hylissang, who flashed the ability at the last second with immaculate reaction time.

Following this, Hylissang started channeling his recall under his mid-tower but walked into SK’s vision right before that. Guessing that the Rakan should be in the same area, SK’s top laner Janik "JNX" Bartels used his Gangplank ultimate to secure the kill.

The League of Legends community is now joking that Hylissang traded just his Summoner Spell Flash for two global ultimates. After this transpired, Hylissang laughed about it and seemed rather calm about the failed play. One Reddit user wrote, “Clearly you don't understand the genius of the professor, easily baiting out 2 global ults for only his support flash, he is 12 steps ahead of us all.”

Funnily enough, the Korean League of Legends community calls him “The Professor” for his mind-blowing plays. Though it started out as an ironic nickname, it stuck around for a long time and turned into actual praise for the pro.

Hylissang also stated that he took the “Professor” title as a compliment with it coming from Korea. He added that it just meant that people think he’s smart and unique. Hylissang is an aggressive player who does not hold back against his foe. He has played unique champions and item builds like Trundle support and Wit’s End Thresh on stage and his Pyke is just as phenomenal. When Fnatic needs him the most, he usually takes the lead in team fights and also has an uncanny ability to split push the side lanes without being punished for it.

If Fnatic are to do well in the 2022 Summer Split, Hylissang will need to play a crucial role and be the X-Factor that separates the team from the rest of the pack.

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