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A Warzone Bug is Making it Impossible for Players to Complete Contracts

Abhimannu Das
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A new bug is preventing players from getting bounty contract completions even after killing the marked targets in Warzone.
Some players are being affected even when helping their friends complete bounties.
Currently, the only way to circumvent the issue is to restart the contract in a different match.

A new bug was discovered by Warzone players which is making bounty contracts impossible to complete. While Season 4 has been a hit with players enjoying the new weapons and map changes that were introduced, there are some bugs that are hindering progression for players. A new bounty contract bug was discovered in Warzone which is preventing the bounties from completing even after killing sufficient marked opponents. Raven Software is yet to respond to the issue and it is currently unknown if the developers are working on a fix. It is recommended to restart the bounty if you are stuck in order to fix the contract.

Raven Software is yet to fix the game-breaking Warzone bug

The Season update landed on 17 June, and multiple players have reported the issue since Season 4’s release. A clip posted by Twitch streamer ‘its_iron’ recently which highlighted the issue with bounty contracts this season. If you pick up a bounty contract and kill all marked opponents, there is a chance that you will not be awarded a completion. In 'its iron’s' case, he picked up a contract for Farmland and completed it with his teammates but he was not awarded a completion.

One of his teammates revealed that the bounty was still available. The marked enemy was teleported to the Gulag instead of being marked as eliminated. Currently the only way to fix the issue is to abandon the bounty and try again in a different match. Raven Software has not addressed the issue yet despite players complaining about the bug for over a week.

Other contract bugs in Warzone Season 4

Another issue is preventing players from picking up certain contracts in Verdansk. There is a chance that you will be completely removed from the lobby. Redditor u/Jeremy 625 highlighted the issue talking about how the glitch can affect not only the person who picks up the contract but also other teammates in the lobby.

Other players talked about how picking up contracts leads to lag in Warzone and the game eventually boots all players with bugged contracts. The issue is not only persistent in Warzone but also in the King Slayer mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

If you are affected by the bug, it is recommended to try completing your bounty again in the next match. The bug is completely random and fans will have to wait until a fix is deployed in a future patch to address the issue.

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