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World Series of Warzone: Winners and Results

Abhimannu Das
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The first ever World Series of Warzone has come to an end with Team Aydan taking home first prize.
The team featured Aydan, Rated and HusKerrs who competed in a best-of-six grand finals.
The team will be taking home $50,000 out of the $300,000 prize pool from the event.

The first ever World Series of Warzone event has come to an end with Aydan’s team taking home the biggest slice out of the $300,000 prize pool. The player was paired with Rated and HusKerrs and they put on a commendable performance to take home the first prize. Swagg was declared the number one captain at the event and he was awarded $50,000. The event started with 150 players who entered the competition either through the qualifiers or were invited to the event. WSOW #1 featured not just some of the best professional players in the world but also content creators like TimTheTatMan, Tfue and more. Here is a quick recap of the first ever World Series of Warzone event.

World Series of Warzone: Winners

The finals were decided by six custom games and Team Aydan was able to take an early lead and secure the win at the event. The team had their best performance in the last match with the trio raking in 24 kills and a top 15 finish to secure an overall win at the event.

$300,000 WSOW #1: Recap

There were 150 players who qualified or were invited to the event. The $300,000 WSOW event featured five ‘Team Captains’ who were responsible for drafting full squads and they also played with their own trios. The five captains at the event this season include:

  • Aydan

  • Swagg

  • TimTheTatMan

  • TheDanDangler

  • Nadeshot

Aydan and Swagg’s teams were the only ones in contention at the event during the grand finals with Team Aydan making a final push for victory during the last match at the event. The WSOW event will feature a total prize pool of $1.2 Million, with the 23 June event being the first of four tournaments that are scheduled. During each event $300,000 will be up for grabs with $200,000 being distributed to the top teams while $100,000 is awarded to the top captain’s teams at the events.

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