VCT Pacific League Making Waves: Singer, Lyrics, Music Video, Meaning, More

Everything about the viral title track for the upcoming APAC tournament.

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VCT Pacific League Making Waves: Complete Information


The title track for the VCT 2023 Pacific League called Making Waves has finally released and the community loves it.
The track is accompanied by a fantastic music video which is driven by a wonderfully animated story.
The song has already managed to garner more than 59,000 views in less than 24 hours on YouTube.

The long-teased official title track of the upcoming VCT 2023: Pacific League called Making Waves was finally released on 15th March. It received a fantastic reception from the audience who seem to have instantly fallen head over heels for both the song and its vocalist.

This melodious track is accompanied by a brilliant music video that features fantastic animation conveying an important message, along with certain agents from the game, and names of all the ten participating teams blended into the background.

Here is everything you need to know about 'Making Waves', the new viral track from Valorant which is taking over the community!

VCT Pacific League Title Music Track Making Waves: Complete Details

WIthin just 24 hours of its release, Making Waves has gathered more than 59,000 views on Valorant Champions Tour Pacific's official YouTube channel. The entire community or at least those from the Asia-Pacific region are going completely gaga over the song, which has been beautifully stitched together.

Who are the creators behind Making Waves?

The female lead singer of Making Waves is Minnie, whose real name is Nicha Yontararak. She is a Thai singer, lyricist, and actress, who is also a member of the South Korean girl group (G)I-dle.

With more than 5.3 million followers on her official Instagram page, Minnie, has won over the Valorant community who had nothing but praise for her voice, very evident from the comment section of the music video on YouTube.

The song has been composed and produced by Don Diablo, a popular DJ from the Netherlands whose real name is Don Pepijn Schipper. The 43-year-old is a DJ, digital artist, record producer, musician, and songwriter of EDM (electronic dance music).

He has a following of more than 2.2 million on Instagram, over 1.35 million subscribers on YouTube, and over half a million followers on SoundCloud.

Apart from these two main figures leading the project, other creators who have helped in giving the finer touches to this track are,

  • Executive Producer - Riot Games, Young Ha Kim

  • Music Video - Genesis Motion Technology, Benjamin Ang

  • Music Executive Producer - Daniel Kim

  • Lyrics and Melody - Alexi von Guggenberg, Britt Pols

  • Vocal Director - Monica JiHyun Kim

Minnie and Don Diablo from Making Waves for VCT Pacific League

What are the lyrics for the Making Waves song?

The song is sung by Minnie of (G)I-GLE but the lyrics and melody have been created by the duo of Alexi von Guggenberg and Britt Pols.

While the music video is 1 minute and 55 seconds long, it mostly comprises of melodies and background music, which makes the lyrics for the overall track short, crisp, and memorable.

  • First Verse

    Undefeated is my fractured heart

    Nothing left to lose

    See me coming through

  • Second Verse

    I’m fighting demons on my way

    And I know that you’re the same

    Oh I keep on making waves

    I Dream of making waves

  • Third Verse

    I’m chaotic but I rule this war

    Nothing left to lose

    See me coming through

  • Fourth Verse

    This is only for the brave

    But I know that you’re the same

  • Fifth Verse

    Undefeated is my fractured heart

    Nothing left to lose

    See me coming through

    Yeah we keep on making waves

What is the meaning behind the animated music video of Making Maves?

In the animated music video that accompanies the song, a character personifying the Valorant agent Yoru is the protagonist, who is walking through a city street and suddenly observes an explosion of some kind coming from a tower at a distance.

This can be equated to a spike plant within the game, as he starts to run towards the tower right after the explosion, but he comes across someone who looks similar to Omen armed with an Operator trying to stop him.

As in the game, Yoru uses his Fakeout ability to distract Omen, while creeping up on him with a Sheriff and takes him down. Immediately after he comes across another Yoru equipped with an Odin, as same agents can be picked by both teams in Valorant.

The main Yoru runs but is unable to evade and is about to get hit with a bullet when suddenly he is saved by Harbor's defensive ability Cove, the person depicting the agent making a brief appearance in the video.

In the reflection of the water that Cove is made up of, Yoru sees four other people which could be a way of showing that he is not alone in it and those are simply his teammates ready to help him out.

Gatecrash ability is used by main Yoru to take down his duplicate and he proceed to rush towards the tower, where he once again faces himself but this time his whole team appears beside him to help him out.

The moral basically is that no player is alone in this challenge, their team ever present to help them out. If you face your challenges alone, it will result in a defeat but if the entire team comes together then the challenge becomes easier.

Making Waves is the title track for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Pacific League which will feature a total prize pool of $250,000 USD and 10 partnered teams from the Asia-Pacific region. It is scheduled to take place from 25th March to 28th May in Seoul, South Korea.

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