League of Legends YouTuber and bug-finder Vandiril discovered a Teleport bug involving the Teleport summoner spell and its cooldowns.


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Vandiril Finds Massive Teleport Bug in League of Legends, Riot Games to Roll Out Fix

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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League of Legends YouTuber and bug-finder Vandiril discovered another bug involving Teleport and its cooldowns.
He noted that when the teleport transforms into Unleashed Teleport, its cooldown is impacted by a player's ability haste.
Riot Games has acknowledged it and will be releasing a micropatch to hotfix it.

League of Legends has a slew of bugs and errors in-game and ever so frequently a game-breaking one is discovered, forcing Riot Games to act swiftly. It becomes extremely important to fix these bugs if they are prevalent in the pro scene of League of Legends as they may impact the competitive integrity of the esports environment. YouTuber and bug-finder Vandiril revealed that there is a massive teleport bug in the game and that it has gone unnoticed in the pro scene as well. The teleport bug reduces the cooldown of Unleashed Teleport according to the player’s ability haste.

Riot Games acknowledged the Teleport bug in League of Legends and will be rolling out a micropatch to fix the issue.

What is the Teleport bug?

Teleport is a unit-targeted summoner spell that allows champions to teleport to the target allied unit after a few seconds of channeling. Teleport transforms into Unleashed Teleport after 14 minutes in-game.

On 17th August, Vandiril wrote, “We have a huge bug right now (especially for pro play): When Teleport that is on cooldown evolves into Unleashed Teleport at 14:00 its cooldown is reduced by Ability Haste. Example: If you have 80 Ability Haste, your Unleashed Teleport will get 134 instead of 240-sec cooldown.

Notably, Unleashed Teleport has a 240-second base cooldown and this can be reduced by buying summoner spell haste items and runes. According to Fandom, the cooldown of the summoner spells, including Teleport and Unleashed Teleport, reduces only if the player opts for Cosmic Insight Rune and the Ionian Boots of Lucidity on the Summoner’s Rift map. The ability haste (AH) of a player should not impact the cooldown of spells.

Vandiril showed examples of this bug in play in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) games.

Vandiril added, “As you can see 15 AH provides 31 seconds shorter TP (Teleport) Cooldown, 20 AH provides 40 seconds shorter TP cooldown. It's absolutely massive for pro play as it completely messes the tracking of enemies' Teleport CD (which is incredibly important in pro play).

It is unsure as to how long the Teleport bug has been present in the game, and from the looks of it, it is a bug that gives huge advantages to the teams and players running teleport. The Teleport bug also makes it difficult to track the cooldown of enemies’ spells since it is now based on ability haste and not summoner spell haste.

Following the discovery of this Teleport bug in the game, League Operations for Riot Games and League of Legends Champions Series (LCS) Greg “Gurg7” Adler wrote, “Pending no issues or stoppers, the Unleashed TP Cooldown Scaling bug is going to be fixed in a micropatch tomorrow.”

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