Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More


Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More

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The latest skin collection to release in Valorant is the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle.
This collection consists of two weapon skins with three unlockable variants each and four other cosmetics.
Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle is already live on the Valorant Store and those interested can make the purchase.

Outlaw is the latest weapon to arrive in Valorant along with Episode 8 Act 1, which will be the first major update for the game this year. The developers have also decided to release a dedicated collection for it called Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle.

The sniper rifle brings a fresh level of gameplay due to its unique capabilities like allowing users to strike a target twice in a row, remaining scoped in even after firing, variable reload timings, and more.

It has been tactically placed between the current snipers, Operator and Marshal, primed as an early-round weapon that can carry its weight in later rounds also, depending on the user's skills.

Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Complete Details

Riot Games always delivers when it comes to providing new cosmetics and bundles for Valorant. This time the developers have planned to release a celebratory collection for the new weapon Outlaw, providing players with some basic skins for the scoped rifle.

Players are regularly treated to new cosmetics in Valorant either as individual skins, part of a purchasable bundle, or even through the seasonal battle pass.

Here is everything you need to know about the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle before making a decision.

Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Skins

There are a total of two skins in the Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle and each one of them comes with three additional color variants on top of the base design.

In addition to this, there are a few other decoration items including a player card, a gun buddy, a spray, and a title.

Prism//Reloaded Outlaw Skin

  • Base Color - Indigo Shiny Metal Variant

  • Variant 1 - Orange Shiny Metal Variant

  • Variant 2 - Lavender Shiny Metal Variant

  • Variant 3 - Gold Shiny Metal Variant

Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Prism Reloaded Outlaw

Ego Outlaw Skin

  • Base Color - Black and White Finish With Korean Text '저지불가' which translates to 'Unstoppable'

  • Variant 1 - Red and Black Finish With English Text 'Unstoppable'.

  • Variant 2 - White and Brown Finish With Portuguese Text 'Imbatível' which translates to 'Unstoppable'

  • Variant 3 - Green and Pink Finish With French Text 'Inarrêtable' which translates to 'Unstoppable'.

Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Ego Outlaw Skin

Other Cosmetics

  • Outlaw Player Card

  • Outlaw Gun Buddy

  • Outlaw Spray

  • Outlaw Title

Valorant Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Cosmetics

Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Price

Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle will be one of the collections that will be released for the new sniper weapon so that players who are interested in playing with it can use it with a bit of flair.

It seems to be a basic skin line with no special animations or sounds and will be released as part of Episode 8 Act 1, so this collection is likely to be a Deluxe Edition.

  • Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: 2320 VP (Valorant Points)

This means that it will cost players about $25 USD to purchase the Outlaw Bundle.

Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle: Release Date

Throwback Pack Outlaw Bundle was released in Valorant on 10th January 2024.

All those interested can visit the in-game store to purchase it. Just make sure that you have tried out the weapon beforehand and are planning on playing with it, otherwise the bundle might not come in full use.

Some additional Radianite Points would also have to be spent as both the Outlaw skins have three variants each that can be unlocked.

Overall, this collection looks good. It draws inspiration from some of the earliest bundles released in Valorant, which also went by the name of Prism//Reloaded and Ego, both featuring in the game about three years ago in 2020.

There are no melee skins that come along with this bundle as it is mostly a promotion collection being run for Outlaw. It will surely be interesting to see how this weapon fares and all the changes it might go through in the coming weeks.

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