Valorant Teases Oni 2.0: What to Expect From the Bundle

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Riot Games hyped up the Valorant player base with a stunning teaser for what seems to be the Oni 2.0 collection.</p></div>

Riot Games hyped up the Valorant player base with a stunning teaser for what seems to be the Oni 2.0 collection.


Riot Games hyped up the Valorant player base with a stunning teaser for what seems to be the Oni 2.0 collection.
According to leaks, the bundle will introduce a katana as the melee weapon.

On 26th February, the official Valorant Twitter handle posted a cryptic image with a Japanese aesthetic along with a caption written in Kanji. This teaser fueled the speculation from leakers and data miners about the release of the Oni 2.0 skin collection in Valorant. Valorant players immediately expressed their excitement on social media, making it clear that they have been waiting for the Oni 2.0 bundle to be announced for a long time now. Within a few minutes of the official Valorant account posting the teaser, popular Valorant leaker ValorLeaks noted that it was indeed a taste of Oni 2.0.

Here’s all we know about the Oni 2.0 bundle in Valorant and the possible weapons and melee it could contain when it releases.

Riot Games hypes up Valorant players with Oni 2.0 teaser

In the official tweet, the artwork shows four blades buried in the ground beneath a cherry blossom tree. In the background, you can see the sun shining bright. You can also see the famous  Japanese masks near the four blades. 

The Alt description for the image on Twitter read, “A hilltop under a sakura tree holds a collection of four sheathed swords arranged around a Japanese style mask, backlit by the sun. There are tendrils of green smoke emanating from the mask’s eyes and wrapping around one of the swords. The scene is presented in a classic, painted style with heavy visible strokes.

The Japanese masks are also called Oni masks and they depict red-faced Japanese demons. The Oni demons are believed to ward off evil spirits and protect their users from harm’s way.

ValorLeaks tweeted quickly following the teaser. They wrote, “Next Bundle is Oni 2.0 | #VALORANT. It will contain a vandal and a katana as the melee.” Additionally, they claimed that each weapon in the bundle will have the original four variants from the old Oni bundle and the melee weapon will also have the same variants.

Notably, the first Oni bundle was released back in July 2020, two months after the game was opened to the public. While other popular skin lines like the Reaver, Prime, Glitchpop, and Ion, among many others, received another collection, Oni bundle fans were left waiting.

The first Oni bundle had skins for the Phantom, Guardian, Bucky, and Shorty. With Riot Games looking to expand this collection, players will likely get Oni 2.0 skins for the Vandal and possibly the Operator and the Classic also. According to leaks, the melee weapon will reportedly be a katana, a typical Japanese sword that has a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip.

ValorLeaks also reassured that this Oni 2.0 melee will be brand new in terms of design ideology. They said, “The Katana is not the same as the RGX Blade. It's completely new.

Currently, Riot Games has not revealed any further information. It is yet to officially confirm whether the teaser is for the Oni 2.0 bundle and therefore players can expect to see a release date and a bundle price reveal once Riot makes it official. But based on similar bundles from the past, the Oni 2.0 bundle should cost around 7,100 VP.

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