Valorant TDM Map Drift: Release Date, Features, Location, Best Agents, More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant TDM Map Drift: Release Date, Features, Location, Best Agents, More</p></div>
Valorant TDM Map Drift: Release Date, Features, Location, Best Agents, More


Valorant has announced a new map called Drift which will specifically be available for the Team Deathmatch game mode.
The map is based on Thailand and is made to look in a way that resembles the location.
The one special thing about Drift is the zipline feature which makes the map standout and will also result in some ridiculous plays.

Valorant announced a new map called Drift during the last day of the VCT 2023 Game Changers Championship and the community is excited to try it out.

According to the available information, this map is located in Thailand and gives a similar vibe, located near a beach with dock houses, coconut trees, and architecture native to that region.

This map is specifically made for the popular Team Deathmatch game mode, which is generally used by players to practice, as a warmup tool, or simply to have some fun with friends.

Valorant TDM Map Drift: Complete Details

Team Deathmatch was released in Valorant on 27th July 2023 along with Patch 7.00, allowing players to engage in a fast-paced 5v5 skirmish, across three new maps released specifically for the game mode.

It comprises four timed stages and no economy rounds. Every player, upon death, respawns in just 1.5 seconds. The game ends when the first team reaches 100 kills.

Now, a fourth map has been announced for this game mode called Drift and here is everything you need to know about it.

When will Drift release in Valorant?

Valorant dropped a couple of teasers for the map before actually releasing the proper trailer, which showcases how the map will look like and some glimpses of how different agents can utilize the space to their advantage.

Drift is not yet available in Valorant but will be released along with the upcoming Patch 7.12 which is scheduled to release on 5th December.

It will be the fourth map that will be added to the Team Deathmatch game mode and will feature alongside Piazza, District, and Kasbah.

Valorant TDM Map Drift

Drift: Special Map Features

Similar to the previous Valorant maps made specifically for the Team Deathmatch game mode, Drift features a three-lane setup, dividing the playing field into left, right, and center.

However, it maintains a distinct identity because none of the lanes merge into others, ensuring individual fights and no backstabbing from flankers. This makes fights more predictable and ensures a more enjoyable experience.

The map features a beachside coastal setup with architecture native to Thailand that can be noticed across all wooden structures, most of which are penetrable with the use of right weaponry.

A thing that makes the map truly stand out is the available zipline feature that weaves through the map and can be used to move across lanes.

Valorant TDM Map Drift Features Zipline

Best Valorant Agents to Use on Drift

The map is a paradise for duelists, especially Jett and Raze who will be able to move around the map effectively when using their movement-based abilities with the already existing zipline feature.

Controllers like Harbor and Brimstone will be able to shut down lanes quite easily and close down the gap to hunt enemies down using short-range weapons like shotguns or submachine guns.

Initiators like Fade and Gekko will be able to give you important information but instead of being frag machines, they will be more of a constant annoyance to deal with across lanes, which is always a requirement in the fast-paced environment that Team Deathmatch provides.

It will be interesting to see the response that Drift receives from the Valorant community after it officially releases in the game.

The game mode was accepted with open arms by community members and is still quite popular. It is great that Valorant has decided to keep it fresh with this content update.

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