Valorant Chromedek Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More

Another collection is waiting around the corner.

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Valorant Chromedek Bundle: Skins, Items, Price, Release Date, More


The next skin collection to be released in Valorant is going to be the Chromedek bundle.
This bundle will consist of four weapon skins along with an odd-shaped melee weapon.
The collection is going to be available within the in-game store for a duration of one week.

Valorant players are excited to tryout the latest Sentinels of Light 2.0 collection which is a great successor to the original skin line released two years ago. However, it is quite an expensive bundle and not every player can afford it.

But here comes the curveball by the developers who seem to have planned another potential bundle release as part of the current 7.10 patch.

A few popular Valorant data miners have found information about the upcoming Chromedek Bundle which could be more affordable to purchase, as it is speculated to be a Deluxe Edition collection.

It is expected to release in the Valorant store as the replacement of the current Sentinels of Light 2.0 skin line which is only around for a limited time.

Valorant Chromedek Bundle: Complete Details

The Chromedek Bundle will include a total of five skins which include an odd-shaped melee weapon and maybe some free items as well. It will surely not be as grand in stature with minimized visual and sound effects but will also be priced accordingly.

Here is everything you need to know about the Chromedek Valorant bundle, including details about skins, items, price, release date, and more.

Chromedek: Skins and Items

The collection consists of the following skins and maybe even some items.

  1. Chromedek Shorty

  2. Chromedek Bulldog

  3. Chromedek Marshall

  4. Chromedek Phantom

  5. Chromedek Melee

Valorant Chromedek Bundle: All Skins

Overall this collection is going to be quite simple with no major sound and visual animations as part of it. The appeal directly comes from the design of the skin which seems to draw some inspiration from the Magepunk Collection.

A very toned-down version of it but with similar elements in how it looks along with the overall lighting which is very evident, encompassing the entire skin.

The melee has been a head-turner with its odd design choice which makes it look like a Beetle. From a purely functional point of view, it comes of as bulky and cumbersome at first glance. However, if worn like a gauntlet it could certainly find buyers that find it appealing.

Chromedek: Price

The speculations have come true following the bundle's release which has turned out to be a Deluxe Edition Collection and has been priced the same as other similar skinlines at 5100 Valorant Points.

For those interested in purchasing the skins individually, it is possible to do so as well but it could be way more expensive.

  • Any Weapon Skin: 1275 VP

  • Melee Weapon: 2550 VP

  • Bundle: 5100 VP

Chromedek: Release Date

It was a surprise that two bundles were being released as part of the same Valorant update, but considering that this one will be lasting longer than the average duration of a patch, it seems to make sense.

This bundle is expected to be released after the current Sentinels of Light 2.0 rolls out in the Valorant in-game shop, which could take a couple of weeks. The leaked date is around 28th November, Tuesday.

This collection looks futuristic and holds intact a lot of design elements from the Magepunk skin line which has already seen a couple of collection releases. Still, there are enough creative differences that can be noticed when it comes to finishing touches, especially in the way that the dagger has been made.

Valorant Magepunk Collection

For now, this is all the information that we have to offer about the Chromedek bundle. We will update this space with further details as and when more information about the skin line is released.

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