Valorant Premier Stage E8A2: Schedule, Format, Time, Rewards, More

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Valorant Premier Stage E8A2: Schedule, Format, Time, Rewards, More


Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 is all set to go live from 13th March 2024 onwards.
It will take place for the next seven weeks and come to an end on 28th April 2024.
Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 will run for 46 days and help top teams make their way into the competitive circuit.

Valorant Premier E8A2 Stage is all set to begin on 13th March, Wednesday with the weekly matches, taking place across a span of seven weeks to conclude on 28th April, Sunday with the playoffs.

Talented and aspiring teams will give their absolute best to win, aiming high to feature in the Promotion-Relegation tournament which will be held at the end of Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2024 Challengers Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Here is everything you need to know about the Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 which has also introduced a few meaningful changes, further solidifying their path to pro grassroots structure.

Valorant Premier Stage E8A2: Complete Details

Over the past few seasons, Valorant has done a great job preparing a solid foundation for Premier and continues to improve it with each new Stage it enters.

About five significant changes were made ahead of Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 to provide teams with more flexibility while also improving the transparency and competitive integrity of the system.

With the changes in place, here is how the season will progress. All teams compete on a particular map every week, make it to the single-elimination playoffs, win it, and move ahead to the next division.

Valorant Premier Stage E8A2: Schedule and Time

The next Premier Stage is scheduled to start on 13th March 2024, Wednesday, a week after Episode 8 Act 2 goes live on 5th March 2024, Tuesday.

It will run for the next seven weeks and is set to conclude with Playoffs taking place on 28th April 2024, Sunday.

  • Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 - Start Date: 13th Mar 2024, Wed

  • Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 - End Date: 28th Apr 2024, Sun

  • Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 - Duration: 46 Days

The weekly matches of the Valorant Premier Stage E8A2 will cover all seven maps that are currently a part of the competitive pool, thoroughly testing all participants.

  • Week 1 - Ascent: 13th to 17th March 2024

  • Week 2 - Icebox: 20th to 24th March 2024

  • Week 3 - Bind: 27th to 31st March 2024

  • Week 4 - Lotus: 3rd to 7th April 2024

  • Week 5 - Sunset: 10th to 14th April 2024

  • Week 6 - Breeze: 17th to 21st April 2024

  • Week 7 - Split: 24th to 27th April 2024

Based on the performance of these weekly matches, selected teams will move on to compete in the Playoffs which will take place on 28th April 2024.

All registered teams are allowed to play two matches on each map per week between 19:00 and 21:00 based on a player's region. Do keep in mind that the count is reset every Wednesday.

Note: The weekly matches take place from Wednesday to Sunday with a two-day break on Monday and Tuesday.

Valorant Premier Stage E8A2: Format

The weekly matches will feature the complete competitive map pool across seven weeks, each week featuring one specific map, and all teams getting a chance to play a maximum of two matches on it.

Every match in this stage will be a best-of-one, making every win important and each loss a setback.

  • Weekly Match Win: 100 Premier Points

  • Weekly Match Loss: 25 Premier Points

  • Playoffs Match: No Premier Points

To qualify for Playoffs, teams will need to acquire a Premier Score of 675 or greater during their weekly matches.

This will be a new season of Valorant Premier which will come with a few new features as teams try to fight their way to VCT Challengers. The top teams will get a chance to compete in the Promotion - Relegation events which will be held at the end of both Stage 1 and Stage 2.

So for all those interested in starting their path to pro journey, or those that just want to have fun with a team of friends, can enroll to start playing the upcoming weekly matches.

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