Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: What Is It, How to Use, Available Stats, More

A new way to show how good you are at the game.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: What Is It, How To Use, Available Stats, More</p></div>
Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: What Is It, How To Use, Available Stats, More


Valorant has released a new feature for certain eligible players to tryout called Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT.
Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT allows eligible players to create custom videos and images to show off their stats and promote themselves.
Here is everything you need to know about the Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT.

Valorant loves to innovate and it has struck a home run with the new Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT feature which allows players to show off their skills and stats from the game to others in the community.

However, it is not available for all players and can only be used by those who have actually participated in Premier and completed their Ranked Placements at least once.

Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT cannot be accessed from within the game and is hosted on a separate website dedicated to the feature.

Here is complete information about the Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT as we explain what this feature is, how can someone use it, and information that will be included as part of it.

Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: Complete Details

A new feature has been released by Valorant which allows Premier participants to showcase their skills and stats through custom-made videos and images.

The assets can be created on the official website and downloaded by the players, who can then share them across their social media profiles to show off and promote themselves.

What is Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT?

Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT is a feature released by the developers for those players that compete in Premier and have completed Ranked Placements at least once.

It is hosted on a separate dedicated website which can be accessed by the players to create and download custom videos and images containing important stats like in-game name, rank, favorite map, and other similar information.

Players can create this in different sizes and share it on social media pages to promote themselves or simply show off their skills.

An important thing that players need to keep in mind is that the stats cannot be altered directly by the players, they are automatically calculated based on the performance data of their most recent 100 competitive matches.

On the other hand, they can create as many custom assets as they would like in various dimensions and formats.

Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: What Is It

How to Use Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT?

Eligible players who want to create their Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT can do so by following the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Visit the official website of Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT.

  2. Log In with your Riot ID and make sure it is the one that you use for playing Valorant.

  3. Then click on 'Get Started' on the homepage of the website.

  4. Stats will be processed based on your performance in the most recent 100 competitive matches.

  5. Next, you will have to decide the format and size of your video or picture.

  6. Then you will need to select the language in which you can communicate within the game. From a list of 21 languages, you can pick a maximum of three.

  7. Once done, click on 'Generate' to create your custom asset which can take some time, and download it to share it further.

Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: How It Works

Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT: All Available Stats

There are multiple stats that are tracked and calculated by Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT for eligible players by quickly going through their most recent 100 competitive matches.

  • Most Played Agent

  • Best Map Performance

  • Kill / Death Ratio

  • Damage Per Round

  • Win Rate

  • Headshot Accuracy

  • Current Rank

  • Region

  • Communication Languages

Valorant Premier SNAPSHOT: All Available Stats

This is everything you need to know about the Valorant Premier SNAP//SHOT. It is a great tool to show off, promote, and connect with other Premier players who are serious about pushing themselves.

This could end up being just the thing you need to find the perfect set of players for the team and make it through to the next stage.

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