Riot Games Adds Back UPI as a Payment Method on Valorant Store

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Riot Games has brought back UPI as a payment method on the Valorant store</p></div>
Riot Games has brought back UPI as a payment method on the Valorant store


Riot Games has brought back UPI as a payment method on the Valorant store.
Notably, the UPI payment system was taken down from the clients in March 2023.

Riot Games introduced the option of using United Payments Interface (UPI) to buy Valorant Points (VP) in-game in 2021. Earlier, Indian players were dependent on Paytm to buy VP but the addition of UPI IDs made it easier for the players to just scan the QR code and pay. However, in March 2023, there was a problem in the payment system that prevented Indian and South Asian players from purchasing in-game currency and content using UPI and there was a lot of buzz on social media.

Although players were able to still choose to pay via credit cards or through PayPal (both of which need them to pay in Euros), the BHIM UPI option was the only one that allowed players to pay in Indian Rupees (INR).

After facing a downtime of over five months, UPI has been added back to Valorant and other Riot Games titles like League of Legends and players can use this method to buy in-game content.

UPI Is Back on Valorant Store: How to pay using UPI?

On 25th August, Riot Games wrote on Twitter, "We are pleased to announce UPI as a payment option. UPI is a fast, secure, and convenient way to make payments in India, and we're excited to offer this option to our players. We're confident that UPI will make the payment process easier for your purchase of VALORANT points (VP)."

Here's how the UPI payments work on Valorant for Indian players:

  • First, open your client and click on the Valorant Points icon.

  • You will be redirected to the 'Select Payment Method' page.

  • You will see the following tabs - Cards, Paypal, UPI & Prepaid Cards and Codes.

  • Now click on UPI and the amount of VP you want to unlock.

  • After you have selected, you will be taken to another page where you have to fill in the following fields:

    - First Name and Last Name

    - Personal Account Number (PAN)

    - City

    - Street

    - Billing Address

  • Once you will in the details and click on Pay Now, you will be redirected to the payment portal where you can either enter your UPI ID or generate a QR code to complete the purchase.

UPI on valorant store

AFK Gaming

When the UPI problem persisted on the client, Riot Games offered an alternative solution to making purchases. On 14th March, it tweeted, "While we wait on the fix for payment systems, here is an alternative method of getting your VALORANT (VP) and Radianite (RP) points."

This payment method is a site called UniPin where users can add VP and RP to their accounts. All you need to do is enter your email address (mandatory) and select the amount you want to add to your Valorant wallet and choose a payment channel. The available channels are as follows:

  • Wallets

  • UPI

  • Net Banking

  • Debit/Credit Card

You can head over to to purchase VP and RP in Valorant.

Notably, another trusted payment site for buying VP and RP is the Codashop India page.

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