Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Format, Schedule, Time, Divisions, Rewards, More


Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Format, Schedule, Time, Divisions, Rewards, More

The competition officially begins!

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The Valorant Premier Launch Stage is all set to go live from 29th August onwards.
After an initial enrollment phase, the weekly matches will take place for the next seven weeks, concluding with Playoffs on 22nd October.
There will be Premier Launch Stage Crest and Rewards for players to earn.

After multiple trials, the Valorant Premier Launch Stage has been announced and is all set to launch on 29th August, scheduled to take place till 22nd October.

This officially marks the release of Premier which is a team-based competitive system within Valorant. It provides aspiring players and teams, a chance to advance into the professional league - Valorant Champions Tour.

Here is everything you need to know about the Valorant Premier Launch Stage which introduces plenty of changes to how the system works while further building upon the path to pro.

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Complete Details

After two public trials, Valorant Premier Global Open Beta and Valorant Premier Ignition Stage, the developers have taken into consideration the community feedback to create a better version of the path to pro service, Valorant Premier Launch Stage.

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Schedule and Time

The first official stage of Premier is scheduled to take place from 29th August till the end of October. All those interested in participating can register their teams or join a lineup from 29th August to 7th September.

  • Registration Dates - 29th August to 7th September

  • Weekly Matches - 7th September to 21st October

  • Playoffs - 22nd October

Unlike previous iterations, the weekly matches in the Valorant Premier Launch Stage will cover all seven maps that are currently a part of the competitive pool, taking place from 7th September to 21st October.

  • Week 1 - Haven: 7th to 10th September

  • Week 2 - Breeze: 12th to 17th September

  • Week 3 - Lotus: 19th to 24th September

  • Week 4 - Bind: 26th September to 1st October

  • Week 5 - Ascent: 3rd to 8th October

  • Week 6 - Split: 10th to 15th October

  • Week 7 - Sunset: 17th to 21st October

Based on the performance of the weekly matches, selected teams will move on to compete in the Playoffs which will take place on 22nd October.

All registered teams are allowed to play two matches on each map per week between 19:00 and 21:00 based on a player's region. Do keep in mind that the count is reset on every Tuesday.

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Complete Schedule

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Divisions

Moving away from the number system from 1 to 20 that used to demarcate the Premier Division level before, the developers have adopted a new five-tier division system.

  1. Open Division: 1 to 5

  2. Intermediate Division: 1 to 5

  3. Advanced Division: 1 to 5

  4. Elite Division: 1 to 5

  5. Contender

The performance tracking will be more stringent and will be carried from Stage to Stage, with teams receiving a Division crest at the conclusion of each Stage.

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: New Divisions

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Format

All weekly matches will feature the complete competitive map pool across seven weeks, each week featuring one specific map, and a maximum of two matches on it.

Every match in this stage will be a best-of-one, making every win important and each loss a setback.

  • Weekly Match Win - 100 Premier Points

  • Weekly Match Loss - 25 Premier Points

  • Playoffs Match - No Premier Points

To qualify for Playoffs, teams will have to acquire a Premier Score of 675 or greater in the weekly matches.

Valorant Premier Launch Stage: Rewards

There are a total of three rewards that players can receive by competing in the Valorant Premier Launch Stage.

  • Premier Launch Stage Player Card - For playing at least one match

  • Premier Launch Stage Gun Buddy - For winning Playoffs

  • Premier Launch Stage Title - For winning Playoffs

All the rewards for participating and winning will be distributed on 23rd October, one day after the Launch Stage concludes.

As for the Launch Stage Crest, it will be awarded to a player at the start of the next Valorant Premier Stage in October. Also, it will only be awarded to those players who have played at least two weekly matches or one tournament match with a team.

More information about how the Valorant Premier Launch Stage and subsequent Premier Stages will work into the Valorant Challengers Stage in 2024 was also discussed and seems promising, especially due to the fact that it will be taking place round the year.

So all those interested in starting their path to pro journey or just having fun with a team of friends can enroll and start playing those weekly matches.

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