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Valorant Players want Riot Games to Disable Split

Abhimannu Das
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A new wall bang spot was discovered on the Split map in Valorant that could be considered game-breaking.
Some want Split temporarily disabled from the game until a fix is deployed.
Riot Games is yet to respond to the community but the developers are likely to make changes to the spot as it only allows one-way damage.

Valorant players found a wall bang spot on Split in the Sewers area and a part of the community wants Riot Games to disable the map until a fix is deployed. One of the more interesting mechanics in Valorant is ‘wall banging’, which allows you to shoot through walls. While you do not deal full damage when doing so, it assures that you get some chip damage in or you can finish off enemies that are low. A new wall bang spot was discovered in Split which allows only one way damage, meaning you can shoot through the wall without any risk of being shot at whatsoever. It remains to be seen if Riot Games will respond to the community concerns.

Will the wall bang spot in Split be changed

Weapons in Valorant have some degree of penetration through surfaces, which allows you to get free damage on enemy players and if you have the Odin or Operator in your arsenal, you can put out a fair bit of damage. There are a lot of great wall bang spots in Valorant but some of them are considered “broken” and get patched out. Usually, if any of the spots are unfair and allow only one way damage, Riot Games deploys fixes.

The new spot was discovered by Reddit user u/pepesilva98 who claims that he found the spot after being killed by an enemy player. Upon examining the spot himself, he discovered that the spot in Split allows only one-way damage which is considered an exploit.

The new wall bang spot on Split can be considered game-breaking because it does not allow anyone to shoot back. Most wall bang spots are intentional and are designed in a way that they can be used by players from either team. Riot Games is likely to issue some changes in an upcoming update. Some of the spots in the game are unintentional and many players commented on the original Reddit post, showcasing the new spot, that it needs to be patched immediately.

Riot Games is yet to respond to the issue but previous game-breaking exploits have let to quick hotfixes and in some cases, the developers have also disabled maps in Valorant temporarily. It remains to be seen if the spot is tweaked in a future update to prevent one-way damage from being abused by players for free damage or kills.

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