Valorant players found out something interesting about the trailer posted by the Pakistan Cricket Board for its Test series against England.


Valorant Players Find Pakistan vs England Cricket Promo Eerily Familiar

A crossover we were not expecting!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant players have found out something interesting about the trailer posted by the Pakistan Cricket Board for its Test series against England.
The video seems to have been inspired by Chamber’s L’Accord trailer.

Valorant agent Chamber has been in the spotlight after Riot Games revealed that he will be receiving a ton of changes in the upcoming Patch of 5.12. In essence, the company revealed that all his abilities will receive updates. While players are rejoicing the nerfs and joking about Chamber getting employed at a McDonald’s, a handful of cricket fans found an interesting trailer released by the Pakistan Cricket Board for the team’s ongoing Test series against England. The trailer features English captain Ben Stokes and Pakistan’s Mohammad Babar Azam. Upon first look, the trailer seems hype-worthy but Valorant players quickly realized where they’ve seen it all before in the Chamber reveal trailer.

Pakistan vs England trailer looks similar to Chamber’s trailer

Just to rekindle your memories, in October 2021, Valorant players were introduced to Sentinel agent Chamber. Players caught a glance at the new agent via a trailer titled L’Accord that featured Chamber ascending down onto a platform in style. It also showed off Chamber’s unique weapons and cards which are part of his ability kit. 

On 30th November, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) posted a trailer for its Test series against England. It wrote, “Are you excited for the historic Pakistan vs England Test Series?,” and linked a website for fans to purchase the tickets.

The trailer showed the two team flags in separate spheres merging followed by Pakistan captain Babar descending onto a pitch. The surroundings and the background look similar to the lines and circuits that are evident in Chamber’s kit and even they bear the same gold color. As Babar walks forward and grabs the bat, Ben Stokes descends onto the pitch with the England team logo in the background. The video ends with both players looking at each other over their shoulders. 

Fans were enthused to see the trailer and lauded the PCB for its creativity. One cricket fan on Twitter commented, “Very nice work. Happy to see some innovative from PCB. Cheerssss.

However, Valorant players were amused by the whole situation unfolding before them and pointed out how the trailer looks eerily similar to the original one made by Riot Games for Chamber’s reveal. 

Valorant Game Changers player for team Solaris Skeltra commented, “LMAOOO WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HARD COPY CHAMBER'S TRAILER??? [Trailer link] WHOEVER MADE THIS NEEDS TO ACTUALLY GET CREATIVE, CTRL C, CTRL V.”

Valorant commentator Priya aka CozyJozie commented, “Omg Chamber is now a cricket player.” She added, “Chamber got nerfed so he's now a cricket player 😱

Meanwhile, Talon Esports took a jibe at PCB and said, “.@ValorantEsports I've seen this intro somewhere....🤔

The video posted by the Pakistan Cricket Board seems to have been heavily inspired by Chamber’s trailer. The animation, the theme, and the elements look very similar to that of Chamber’s trailer which Riot Games released over a year ago. 

While we knew Harbor was a cricket fan from the artwork Riot Games posted, we sure did not expect to see Chamber indirectly turn into a cricket player himself.

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