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Valorant Pearl/ Pitt Map: Release Date, Location & More

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Valorant players are excited since leaks and teasers have suggested that the new and upcoming map could be an underwater one.
Leakers and dataminers have speculated that the new map could be named Pearl/Pitt.
With the current episode coming to an end on 21st June, the new map could drop the following day on 22nd June.

The Valorant community is psyched with Riot Games teasing a new map on its social media handles. It also seems like the map’s release (rumored to be the Valorant Pearl map) is just around the corner since the company has been posting teasers about it as well from all the scoops and leaks from the community. Putting together all these pieces, it seems like the map will feature a new, underwater, aquarium-themed map for the players to explore and fight on. The Valorant social media team has been using water-related words and phrases like “tide over”, “bathing suit”, “scuba diving” and more. With this and the overall underwater theme projected by the company, it is almost certain that the new map is going to be water-based or underwater.

Where is the new Valorant Pearl map located?

On 29th May, Valorant wrote, “There’s lots to discover under the water–it can almost feel like an entirely different world. Até logo,” and shared a gif along with the tweet.

Notably, Até logo translates to "See you, later" in Portuguese. Already, fans have been convinced that the new map will be located in Lisbon, Portugal from the Battlepass cards. Twitter user Cynprel picked up on hints that the new map would be set in Lisbon, Portugal as early as November last year.

With the release of Valorant Episode 4 Act 3’s Battlepass, player cards seem to point to the iconic yellow trams of Lisbon.

On 23rd May, Riot Games shared another post teasing that the new map would be “nautically-themed.”

The image shared by Riot shows three people looking at a giant octopus amidst a tank full of marine life. Notably, the octopus also has pearls for its eyes. Fans were quick to reason that it could very well be a reference to Lisbon’s Oceanarium.

Is the new map called Pearl or Pitt?

The new map, according to leakers, is reportedly called Pearl. However, it was originally codenamed Pitt, as reported by credible dataminer Floxay on Twitter. The new map Pearl will have two sites for attackers and defenders to play on. However, Riot Games has not confirmed any of these names yet.

When is Pearl / Pitt releasing in Valorant?

Riot Games has not revealed the name and other details of the new map in Valorant and therefore there is no information available on the Pearl/Pitt map’s release date. However, the map’s release date is speculated to be the same date as the release of Episode 5 Act 1. The current Episode 4 Act 3 is gearing up to end on 21st June and so players can expect to see the new map the following day on 22nd June.

Though none of this has been confirmed by Riot Games yet, players will know for sure from the Episode 5 livestream which is scheduled to happen on 16th June at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST.

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