Valorant Patch Notes 3.10


Valorant Patch Notes 3.10: Chamber Is Here Along With Five-Stacking Changes

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Valorant patch 3.10 finally adds Chamber to the roster after the new agent was delayed by the devs for last-minute tuning.
Chamber has the ability to teleport to vantage points and spawn highly lethal weapons with his abilities.
Five-stacking is making a return but Riot has put in several conditions in place to prevent smurfing.

After being hit with a two-week delay, Valorant’s newest agent ‘Chamber’ is finally here with patch 3.10. Riot has also re-enabled five-stacking but there are new conditions in place that will affect how much Ranked Rating you will earn or lose depending on your results as a group. There are no balance changes for agents and weapons in Valorant patch 3.10 but the introduction of Chamber should shake up the ranked meta.

Valorant patch notes 3.10: Chamber

Chamber is a Sentinel that is capable of holding down locations on his own. His entire kit is designed around creating weapons with his abilities and also slowing enemies down with Trademark (C) and Tour de Force (X). He also has his Rendezvous ability to help him relocate by using his teleport anchors. The ability seems flexible as he can pick up the anchors and redeploy them instead of consuming an ability charge.

(C) Trademark

Chamber places a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes within range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

(Q) Headhunter

Chamber equips a heavy pistol. Players can alt fire with the pistol equipped to aim down sights.

Valorant patch notes 3.10

(E) Rendezvous

Chamber places two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, players can reactivate the ability to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be picked up to be redeployed.

(X) Tour de Force

Chamber summons a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Valorant patch notes 3.10: Competitive Queues

In an effort to reduce smurfing, Riot Games is removing all ranked restrictions from five-stack parties in Competitive Queue. Riot has shown that the most common reason that players smurf, is because they want to play with their friends outside the bounds of Valorant’s current ranked restrictions. Removing these boundaries for 5-stacks specifically, means that you can play with your friends regardless of the restrictions that exist for smaller party sizes in Competitive Queue.

If everyone in your group is Diamond 2 and below:

You can expect increased queue times as Valorant will only matchmake your team against another five stack of similar average MMR.

Rank Rating (RR) gains and losses will be reduced when playing in a 5 stack outside of our current rank restrictions rules. The amount that your RR is adjusted depends on the rank disparity within the group.

If one or more members of your group are Diamond 3 and above:

Your expected queue times may vary greatly, and could increase dramatically as you will wait indefinitely for another 5-stack of similar MMR to play against.

At minimum, a 50% RR reduction will be applied to all 5-stacks including a member from these ranks, and this amount can increase to 90% as the disparity in skill increases.

If one or more members of your group are Radiant:

Similar to Diamond 3-plus, you will wait indefinitely for another 5-stack of similar MMR to play against, potentially increasing your queue times drastically.

At minimum, a 75% RR reduction will be applied to all 5-stacks including a member from these ranks. Playing with any player below Radiant automatically reduces your potential RR by 90%.

Valorant patch notes 3.10: Esports Features

  • Observers now have different HUD colors for attackers and defenders.

  • Attacker abilities will show as red and defender abilities will show as teal

  • There is now a yellow outline on player icons on the minimap to showcase which player is the active target of an observer

  • Observer Agent icons will no longer all get stuck on the same Agent when using the Minimal Broadcast HUD

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