Here's all we know about the Valorant Orion bundle so far.


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Valorant Orion Bundle: Release Date, Skins, Price, More

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The next skin collection to hit Valorant is reportedly going to be the Orion bundle.
According to leaks, this bundle will have four weapon skins along with a melee weapon.
Here's all we know about the Orion bundle so far.

Riot Games has rolled out Valorant Patch 7.08 and with this, the publisher has brought forth major changes to smoke visuals and the addition of their disappearing sounds. In addition to this, teammates will now not be able to hear the equipping sounds of utilities and Riot has also fixed a plethora of bugs in this patch.

With most new patches, Riot Games aims to introduce a new cosmetic collection or bundle to the players. In the same vein, Riot Games is reportedly looking to introduce a new bundle called the Valorant Orion bundle.

According to the many leaks in the community, the Orion bundle features four weapon skins and a melee weapon.

Here's all we know about the Orion bundle so far!

What Is the Valorant Orion Bundle?

Valorant will be reportedly getting a new bundle with brand new skins called the Orion bundle, as per the leaks of ValorLeaks and VALORANTLeaksEN. This bundle will soon be available on the store for purchase and as usual, players will have to spend a considerable amount of Valorant Points (VP).

Notably, ValorLeaks and VALORANTLeaksEN are two of the most reputed leakers and data miners in the Valorant community and they have a track record of getting most of the information right, well ahead of the release.

Here is everything you need to know about the Orion bundle, including its release date, price, and skins.

What's Featured in the Orion Bundle?

According to leaks, the Orion bundle will reportedly feature four weapon skins and a melee. The contents of the bundle are as follows:

  • Orion Phantom

  • Orion Vandal

  • Orion Odin

  • Orion Frenzy

  • Orion Sword

Interestingly, this bundle features skins for both Vandal and Phantom while usually, Riot Games tends to release only one of them in a collection.

Valorant Orion Bundle Leaked Release Date & Cost

The leaks have suggested that the bundle will be a Deluxe Bundle one. As a result, the skin prices will be around 1275 VP, while the Sword will cost 2550 VP. The whole bundle will cost you 5100 VP, which will set you back around $50 USD approximately.

Notably, the Valorant Orion bundle will reportedly be available for purchase in the Valorant store on 19th October 19 as per the leaks. However, players should keep in mind that the bundle will be available only for a limited time on the store. So be ready to get your hands on the Orion bundle if it really appeals to you.

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