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Valorant Neptune Bundle Is Reportedly Making a Comeback

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Popular skin collections in Valorant tend to get a 2.0 version in the game featuring other guns.
One such loved collection is the Valorant Neptune bundle which is reportedly making a return to the game.
Here's all we know about the rumored Valorant Neptune bundle 2.0.

Riot Games has added a host of skin bundles and cosmetics to its first-person hero shooter Valorant over the years and the cosmetics team continues to push out new skins and accessories every few weeks. Players love collecting gun skins because not only are they unique but they also provide players the opportunity to showcase their character and quirks.

The developers usually put in a lot of effort to come up with new cosmetic bundle ideas, giving the guns new visual effects, sounds, and other aspects to make them appealing and worth the money. But not all the skins are received very well. Naturally, some skin bundles are preferred over the others and these skins that become hugely popular sell more and Riot Games tries to push out a 2.0 version of them a few updates or seasons down the line.

One such loved collection is the Valorant Neptune bundle which is reportedly making a return to the game, according to several leaks. Here's all we know about the rumored Valorant Neptune bundle 2.0.

Valorant Neptune Bundle 2.0 In the Making?

Valorant players, for the longest time, have been wondering if Riot Games would release Neptune bundle 2.0 given the first one was a success. It now seems like Riot Games has heard their plea as leaks suggest that the publisher is making a sequel to the Neptune collection.

According to reliable leaker in the community — ValorLeaks — Neptune bundle 2.0 is coming very soon. They wrote on Twitter, "Neptune 2 is coming soon. Bundle will most likely include a Phantom, Odin, Bulldog, and others."

Notably, data miners and leakers are yet to confirm the fourth weapon in the skin line. Apart from that, the Valorant Neptune bundle 2.0 will also feature a melee skin as with other skin bundles.

The first Neptune collection in Valorant was released in May 2022 with the 4.10 update for the game. The Valorant Neptune Skin bundle featured skins with extremely detailed animations that resembles fish moving inside an aquarium. Given that the collection has some of the most creative and detailed designs, it gained popularity.

The first collection featured the following skins:

  • Neptune Spectre Skin

  • Neptune Guardian Skin

  • Neptune Shorty Skin

  • Neptune Vandal Skin

  • Neptune Anchor Melee

  • Neptune Sailor Compass Gun Buddy

The Neptune bundle cost 7,100 Valorant Points (VP) which approximately costs around $70 USD. So players can expect a similar pricing for the 2.0 bundle. Notably, getting individual skins will cost around 1775 VP ($18) and it is recommended that you purchase the bundle since it is cheaper than getting all the skins individually.

Also, players and fans should take this leak with a pinch of salt as Riot Games has not officially released any information about a potential Neptune bundle so far.

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