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Valorant May Be Getting a New Daily Login Rewards System

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant is reportedly getting a new login system called the "Act Points System" which rewards regular play.
Players who log in daily and win matches, will be able to earn "Act Points" throughout the duration of an Act.
It is currently unknown what the Act Points can be used for, but it is likely that they can be used to unlock cosmetics or other in-game items.

A new Valorant leak by ValorLeaks claims that Riot Games is working on a rewards system that incentivizes players to login and play regularly. Dubbed the ‘Act Points System’, the login system is expected to reward caches of Act Points when opened. Players can accumulate these boxes from both daily logins as well as securing wins every day.

How does the Valorant Act Points System work?

The new Valorant Act Points system incentivizes players to login to the game every day and offers a special Act-specific currency in exchange. The system sounds similar to Apex Legends’ Treasure Packs system which incentivizes logging in regularly. Collecting a specific number of coins in Valorant is expected to unlock extra rewards that are not a part of the battle pass.

This is not the first time that the system has been leaked. The first time the Acts Point system was datamined was back in December 2021. With new images being discovered in the game’s files, we might be getting closer to the feature’s release date.

Radianite and cosmetics would be welcome rewards via the new system

Radianite is one of the rarest currencies in the game and purchasing the currency can prove to be expensive. The battle pass is currently the most cost-efficient source of Radianite and giving players an alternate source of Radianite that does not require in-game purchases would be a welcome move by Riot Games.

Valorant is fully monetized by in-game microtransactions to unlock cosmetic items. There are free sources of cosmetics like the battle pass with its free tiers, and events with exclusive limited-time items. A login rewards system would be appealing for both free-to-play players as well as players who purchase skins from the in-game shop or obtain the battle pass every Act. There might be Act-exclusive rewards up for grabs as it is unlikely that Riot Games would offer its premium skins for free via the new system.

Riot Games has not yet revealed the details of the new system yet but if the leaks are true we can expect an official announcement in the near future. With Episode 4 Act 2 set to come out next month, the new login rewards system might make an appearance.

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