Valorant Masters Madrid 2024: Ticket Prices, How To Purchase, More


Valorant Masters Madrid 2024: Ticket Prices, How to Purchase, More

Let's go Spain!!!

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Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 will be the first proper international Valorant tournament of the upcoming competitive season.
Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 will take place in front of a live audience at the Madrid Arena and ticket sales for the tournament went live on 12th January.
Tickets for different dates and stages of the tournament have been priced differently.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 (VCT) is scheduled to commence in the month of January and will be brining along some top-tier action. The partnered teams have undergone multiple roster shuffles and it will be interesting to see how they perform this season.

While the preparations are still underway, Valorant has announced ticket details for the first international congregation, Valorant Masters Madrid 2024, which will take place in front of a live audience from 14th to 24th March at the Madrid Arena

Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 Tickets: Complete Details

The inaugural global event of the VCT 2024 will be bringing together eight top teams from different regions, each representing one of the four International Leagues - Americas, Pacific, EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa), China.

From each of these four regional leagues only the top two teams will attain a slot to further compete in Madrid, Spain. So the level of competition in this tournament is going to be extremely high, crowning the first Valorant champion of the year.

Valorant Masters Madrid 2024: Team Slots

Valorant Masters Madrid 2024: Ticket Prices

The first international Valorant tournament of the year will be taking place at the Madrid Arena in front of a live audience.

Ticket sales for Valorant Masters Madrid 2024 started on 12th January with the presale taking place on 11th January exclusively for Mastercard members.

Every stage of the tournament is priced differently and the ticket prices are as follows,

  • Earlier Stages | 14th to 21st March

    Weekday (14th, 18th, 21st)

    • Tier 1: €36.30 | $39.72

    Weekend (15th, 16th, 17th)

    • Tier 1: €48.40 | $52.96

    • Tier 2: €36.30 | $39.72

    • Limited View: €24.20 | $26.48

  • Finals Stage | 22th to 24th March

    • Tier 1: €76.53 | $83.74

    • Tier 2: €62.62 | $68.52

    • Tier 3: €48.70 | $53.29

    • Premium Tier: €84.70 | $92.68

    • Limited View: €34.78 | $38.06

How to Buy Tickets for Valorant Masters Madrid 2024?

The tournament is scheduled to take place from 14th to 24th March and has been divided into two stages, starting with the Swiss Stage which will take place from 14th to 18th March, followed by the Playoffs which will take place from 21st to 24th March.

Every day of the tournament on which matches will be played is open to the public and tickets for it can be purchased through the ticketing platform Ticketmaster.

All the days have been listed out along with relevant event information to make the purchase process easier. Those attending just need to make sure of the fact that they are 16 or above, otherwise they might not be able to attend the event.

Valorant Masters Madrid 2024: Madrid Arena

The second such international tournament after the one taking place in Madrid, Spain will be the Valorant Masters Shanghai 2024, scheduled to take place sometime in the month of May.

It will be the first international Valorant tournament to take place in China as the title keeps expanding its competitive horizon to new countries, stadiums, and fans.

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