Valorant Masters 2024 Locations & Dates


Valorant Masters 2024 Locations & Dates

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Riot Games has already released the agenda for the upcoming year, sharing the three-tiered format for the upcoming season.
In this article, we’ll focus on the locations and dates for Valorant Masters 2024.

The preparations for the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 (VCT 2024) have already started, with Riot Games having announced the agenda for the upcoming year. There are new challenges to tackle and new ideas to explore. With the inclusion of the International League and the Masters 2024, there is added excitement as fans all around the world will be ready to enjoy this sight. This is a spectacle worth the wait, with an innovative format, new and exciting locations, and new teams. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the locations and dates for Valorant Masters 2024. 

VCT 2024 Format Explained

The tour will kick off in the following tier hierarchy:

VCT 2024 Format

1. International + Global Stage

This stage features a two-week tournament in each International League. The top eight teams from this stage will earn their ticket to the Major or Global Tournaments, including prestigious events like Masters Madrid and Masters Shanghai.

2. Tier-2 or Challengers

Tier-2 or VCT Challengers will host matches followed by intense playoffs, spanning from February to April and then from May to August.

3. Tier-3 or Grassroots leagues/Premier

The Challengers Ascension tournament will conclude the VCT season, taking place from August to December. It's here that new teams will earn their spot in the VCT season, ensuring a constant influx of fresh talent.

As a result, there will be two Valorant Masters tournaments and the grand Valorant Champions at the end of the competitive season.

Valorant Masters 2024 Locations & Dates

Part of the international league, the Valorant Masters 2024 will take place in two locations this time. They are Madrid, Spain, and Shanghai, China. The action-packed Valorant Champions Tour 2024 kicks off with the exhilarating Kick-Off International League in February 2024. Here's where the real excitement begins:

Valorant Masters Madrid: March 2024

The first Valorant Masters event of 2024 is slated to be held in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain. This series of intense rivalries and breathtaking gameplay will take place in March 2024, setting off the first Valorant Masters for 2024. 

Valorant Masters Shanghai: May 2024

The second Masters event is set to unfold in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai in May 2024. This is a key moment in Valorant’s history as it expands its kingdom to include China. 

Welcoming China to the Valorant Esports Club Officially

The tactical shooter game was launched in 2020, but it has finally stepped its foot into the cultural territory of China. The game was released in China on 12th July 2023. Having China partake in the International League is a big step forward, adding more diversity to the game, not just in terms of the content but also by combating physical and geographical barriers. 

Riot Games has found China to be an echo chamber of potential, seeing how the Chinese audience has reacted to being a part of the Valorant club. China is also set to establish its own Chinese Valorant league alongside big players like EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

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